Krista and Dan

How We Met

How We Met: When my friends told me they met my future husband, I didn’t believe them. We went to the same college, same bars, I had driven by his house countless times and still we had never met. When we finally met and he didn’t ask for my number, I thought I was right. A month after that night, we started dating. We’ve been together ever since and moved in together less than a year later.

Image 1 of Krista and Dan

how they asked

how they asked: I knew Dan and I were going to be married, mostly because we talked about it all the time. We were about to go on vacation a few days after our anniversary and I had a feeling it might be then. The night of our 2 year anniversary, we went to get pizza and wings for a low key celebration. I had joked that I had unintentionally worn the same shirt and jeans I wore on that day two years ago. After pizza we went for a walk at the beach, where Dan had intended to propose but it was really dark and cold and he said it didn’t feel right. When we got home, I gave Dan my last minute anniversary card that said “it keeps getting better and better with you,” and he said it’s only going to keep getting better. And he got down on one knee and said “will you marry me.” I barely even looked at the ring before saying “yes” and smothering him with hugs until finally he stood up and put my beautiful ring of my finger. I am so lucky to have someone who I love, my family and friends love, and who loves me!

Image 2 of Krista and Dan