Krista and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I met when we were 14 through our church youth group. We both hung out with different crowds of people so we were never close friends. One day Cody sent me a Facebook message and we slowly started to talk more and more each day. After months of talking and texting, we slowly grew strong feelings for each other. We went to different schools which made it hard for us to see each other. I went to public school and Cody went to a small private Christian school through our church. My friends from church who were also Cody’s classmates asked if I wanted to come to volleyball, baseball and basketball games with them. I, of course, said yes because I knew I would be seeing Cody there. After a few more weeks of fun flirting and endless talking, on November 7th, 2012, Cody asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history.

how they asked

May 5th, 2018. This was 3 days before my 22nd birthday. Cody and I planned on doing some maintenance done on my car. While he was at my parents’ house working on my car, he had previously pressed me multiple times to go get my nails done for my birthday. After the third or fourth time of him asking, he finally told me I needed to go get them done for my birthday. After I was done at the salon and he was finished with my car, we went back home. We had plans to go to our friend’s house for a bonfire, however, I had gotten a bad headache and told her we wouldn’t be over until a little later. While I was lying on the couch with Cody trying to get rid of this headache, Cody had patted his pockets saying “I forgot something in my car, I will be right back.” About 20 minutes went by before I realized that he was taking a really long time to get something from his car. Right after that, I got a text message saying that he had a small surprise for me and to go get ready, once I’m ready he will give me my first clue.

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I was in shock at first but I listened. Once I was ready, I texted him back. His response “bring the dog and you’ll be driving. I’m not there anymore.” I grab our dog and go get in the car. I then realized I didn’t know where I was going. He texted me “Go to where we had our first kiss.” It was the church.

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He then sent me a picture of this plastic bag tied to one of the baseball dugouts saying “go get this bag.” I had a 25-minute drive from our apartment to the church. When I got to the bag, I found a big rock on the inside. I had no idea what it meant and I was waiting for him to tell me where to go to next.

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The next clue he sent was to go to the park by his old house we spent many summers at. He sent a picture of the park sign and said that there was something for me by the sign. Once I got there, I found a beautiful vase of flowers. His last clue was for me to go where we had our first special moment. Before we started dating, we had gotten out of youth group early. We stopped at this place before his curfew just to sit and talk.

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I started making my way to the I & M canal. Once I got there, Cody was waiting for me by his car. He walked over to me and told me to leave everything, including our dog, in the car. He grabbed my hand and started walking towards the trails. It was really dark out and he stopped by one of the lights on the trail. He grabbed both of my hands so we were facing each other. He started telling me how much he loved me and that he couldn’t imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone else. He reached behind his back and got down on one knee and asked “Krista, will you marry me?”

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