Krista and Chad

How We Met

Chad and I met while we were both in college. We had been talking online for a while before our first date in Newport, RI. Chad drove up from Jersey to pick me up from my college dorm and take me out to dinner at my favorite place in Newport. While we were both so nervous and excited that we barely ate our meals, (a rarity for us foodies) we also felt oddly comfortable with each other, like we had known each other our whole lives. From that day on we dated long distance for about 3 years. We graduated college and decided that we didn’t want to be away from each other any longer. Chad moved to Massachusetts a few months later and the rest is history!

Krista's Proposal in Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA

how they asked

Chad planned a dinner for us to celebrate a late anniversary of the day that he asked me to be his girlfriend. We drove down to my parent’s condo on Cape Cod and relaxed by the pool until it was time to get ready for dinner. We were ready relatively early, which is very unlike us, and Chad suggested that we go for a walk on my favorite beach. I grew up going to Nauset Beach in Orleans every summer and there is just something about being there that makes me feel at ease. We arrived at the beach and started to walk down to the water. The sand was chilly and a little wet so I wanted to just stay near the entrance and watch the ocean. Knowing his plan, Chad coaxed me to walk down further on the beach to “look for shells.” As we were bent down looking at a shell, a girl with a camera approached us and asked if she could take our picture. She explained that she was a photography student and needed pictures of couples for her portfolios. I totally fell for it, and am never someone to say no to a photo-op! She backed up and took one picture of us just smiling and looking forward. The night picture she told us to look into each other’s eyes and she would position us. As she placed Chad’s hand behind my back, she passed him the ring and backed up to take the picture. Chad looked at me and began saying how much he loved me and that he had been wanting to ask me something for a while now. Before I could even piece together what was happening, he was down on one knee and asking me to marry him. I could not believe that it was happening and I’m pretty sure I just kept screaming “Are you kidding me?!” After we kissed and he put the (most gorgeous!) ring on, Chad told me that we were not actually going to dinner and that there was another surprise. As we started to walk back down the beach to the parking lot, I saw my family and his family walking down the stairs towards us. It was the MOST amazing surprise to see our families together and there to celebrate the best moment of our lives. We took some more pictures, popped champagne on the beach and went back to the house for a little after party. It was without a doubt the best night of my life and the most amazing way to kickoff our next chapter.

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