Krishna and Ronak

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How We Met

Ronak and I met through a dating app over 3 years ago called Coffee Meets Bagel. My cousin met her husband on the app and convinced me to get myself out there. At the time I was a medical student in Chicago waiting to meet my Mr. Right. Little did I know, he was right around the corner. At first, I was hesitant and definitely had to feel out this way of dating. But once Ronak and I matched, I knew it was something special. When we met in person there was definitely a connection.

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Ronak grew up in Chicago and I grew up in Michigan, yet we have a TON of mutual friends- so we were bound to bump into each other at some point. We both have very similar backgrounds and values which helped us become closer! After a year or so of dating, we found out that his grandparents and my great uncle (a grandfather figure to me) were great friends back in India. My great uncle actually attended Ronak’s parents’ wedding!! When we found this out, we knew it was a sign from the universe that we were meant to be.

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How They Asked

Flash forward to 3.5 years later, my now fiancé asked me to marry him in the most romantic way! As for many others, 2020 was a year of many changes and uncertainties. We are currently in a long-distance relationship as I complete my residency in Ohio and Ronak works in Chicago. I had the weekend off, so I decided to visit him.

He convinced me that his sister was having a housewarming party and we needed to pick up food from downtown before heading over. As we were walking around downtown, he asked if we could grab a drink at the London House Rooftop. As we got ushered to the rooftop, I noticed that there were other people on the patio and a guy casually sitting on the couch right by us. I quickly thought to myself that there is no chance he’d propose with other people around and dropped the idea. Well was I wrong!!

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We turned a corner and there it was! A pathway of pink roses leading the way to the dome-shaped cupola overlooking the most beautiful city. As Ronak and I walked towards the center, he got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question ever- will you marry me! Through all the happy tears I didn’t even realize that the guy that was sitting on the couch earlier was actually our photographer!!!

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Ronak convinced me that due to COVID we would not be able to celebrate with our closest family and friends. I was sad initially but completely understood. Afterward, we arrived at this parents’ home to get their blessings, but as we walked in, there was a surprise waiting for us! They decorated the backyard for a COVID-friendly celebration with our closest family and friends!

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It still feels like a dream! I’m engaged to my best friend, who went over and beyond to give me the most perfect proposal and made sure we could celebrate our love with our family and friends. In times like these, it is comforting to know that we will always have each other along with an army of supporters. August 1st, 2020 will be a day I will always remember. It was the day my best friend and soulmate asked me to marry him.

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Special Thanks

Peter Pawinski
 | Photographer
Peter Pawinski
 | Videographer