Krishan and Alex

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How We Met

It was the first day of my senior year of college. I was never one of those girls who took the time to get ready and look adorable for class, but I figured “What the heck… It’s my senior year”. I threw on a cute outfit, did my hair and makeup and headed to campus. Business law… Ugh. I was so not looking forward to this class. As I sat down in the front row, our teacher decided to have us count off and split into groups to do an introduction activity since we would be doing a lot of group projects throughout the semester. I got together with my group only to see 3 wide eyed, hyper junior boys who were all student athletes at the university. One of which was Alex, a pitcher for the baseball team. Of course they were all being immature and jokingly hitting on me the whole time. But when I got home that evening, I had a message in my inbox from Alex asking to be study partners for the semester and leaving his phone number with me. I didn’t think much of it until one day he asked for a ride to his truck after class. As we pull up to his parking spot I saw a huge lifted up black Chevy Silverado with rockstar rims and mud grappler tires. The inner country girl in me suddenly fell in love and I decided to give Alex a shot.

We hung out a few times, talked on and off for a while and finally made our relationship official in May of 2013.

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Alex is a good ol’ southern country boy, raised around hunting and fishing his whole life. He has such a vast love and knowledge of the outdoors. I also grew up fishing but never had the opportunity to be introduced to the world of the outdoors until we stared dating. I was always more of the girly girl, spunky, cheerleader/dancer type. Hunting and fishing quickly became the thing that brought us close together. Our dates would consist of sitting in a tree stand chasing deer, wading in a swamp for ducks or getting in our John boat catching bass.

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While at the Palmetto Sportsmans Classic, a hunting trade show in South Carolina, we networked with a hunting TV show called Big E Outdoors. We spent the weekend going to dinners and visiting them at their booth. We exchanged numbers and talked about working with them in the future but never actually thought something would come of it. Turns out we really made an impression and they brought us on board as their new Professional Staff hunters! Soon after, a handful of sponsorships came through for various companies and just like that we were able to turn our hobby into something more.

how they asked

In April, Alex told me that he was taking me on a trip for our 3 year anniversary. All he told me was that it was a surprise, we would be going hunting but he wouldn’t tell me where we were hunting or what we were hunting. I knew my mom was in on it because she paid for me to get my passport and told me what I needed to pack other than my hunting gear. I had NO idea what was going on (Alex was always a more subtle romantic guy) When we got to the airport he finally told me that he was taking me to Canada on a bear hunting trip, that the guys from the Swamp People show would be hunting with us AND that it would be our first filmed episode for our TV show! On top of that, he admitted to me that he wouldn’t be hunting at all. He told me that he did the whole trip for me and wanted to make sure that I got to harvest my very first black bear. (It honestly was a sacrifice that meant so much I was already crying) I was so shocked but extremely excited all at the same time.

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We hunted for the first few days and didn’t see anything. It was our last day of the trip and I was beginning to feel hopeless that I would get a bear. We had been sitting in the blind for 10 hours when all of a sudden Alex saw a bear on the camera. I got my gun up and looked through my scope, hoping that he would pop up again. As the sun was setting and the visibility in the woods was growing darker and darker, my heart was racing. Suddenly in the last tiny hit of light, the bear came back around and I was able to seal the deal on my first black bear! Alex hugged me tight and was just as excited as I was about our successful hunt!

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We headed back to the lodge where there was about 35 people waiting for us. At this point I was still clueless as to what was going on. In my mind, everyone just wanted to come watch because we had the Swamp People crew and we were also from a well known hunting TV show. Everyone had their cameras out getting ready for us to start filming our closing statements; this is where we close up the episode and we talk about the hunt as well as thank the sponsors). After telling the camera about my exhilarating hunt, our boss Patrick hands me a script. He told me just to read it out loud to the camera to thank the sponsors. I did as he asked but after the first few sentences I read the words… “Alright babe, all jokes aside. You aren’t reading this letter to thank the sponsors, you’re reading this letter so that I can thank you for the past 3 years of my life.” As I kept reading his letter to me, my hands began to tremble and I did everything I could do hold in my tears. He closed his letter with “Krishan, from here on I promise to always hold you with tenderness and to have patience with you. I will speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they’re not, and to live within the warmth of your love and presence. I will love you in all forms, now and forever.”

I turned to my left and there was Alex… Crouched on one knee beside me with the ring in his hand. He said “I’m so proud of you Krishan and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” And with that I totally lost it. Without responding or even looking at the ring, I started bawling in his arms and he just held me tight. I finally pulled back, said “YES YES YES!!” And just like that, I was engaged to my best friend!

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Not only did he surprise me with the proposal of a lifetime, but he had gotten us personalized shirts made that said “She said” on one, then “Yes!!” on the other. On the back was Mr and Mrs Satterfield.

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Because we were in Canada, we had no cell service or internet so I was unable to contact my family. Alex, having thought of everything, pulled me to the room that we were staying in and presented me with 4 letters. One from each of our parents. He even made sure to get them laminated so they wouldn’t get crushed or ruined during our travels. The letters from our parents talked about how special it was that God brought us together and gave us their blessings;

“One day while we were chatting, you told me that Alex was your soul mate. It was one of those amazing moments in my life. He has been so incredibly excited to propose to you!” -My Mom

“Congratulations on being lucky enough to find your other half. I cannot wait to walk you down the aisle and give your hand to Alex.” -My Dad

“I personally want you to know that I could not have hand picked a better woman for my son. You two make a wonderful pair.” -Alex’s Dad

“I just want you to know that I’ve been praying for a good woman to come into Alex’s life and God has answered my prayers with you. You make his life complete and I can see hat whenever he looks at you.” -Alex’s Mom

Alex thought of every detail. It was truly the most special moment of my life!

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