Kris and Dana

How We Met

I used to be a dance teacher and one night the owner of the dance company decided to organise a brainstorm about the future of the company. For this she also invited one of her colleagues from her day job. At the end of the night, when going home, my car wouldn’t start anymore and Kris helped me start it again. Afterwards I sent him a ‘thank you’ email, he replied and that’s how it all started.

how they asked

In the summer of 2016 we decided to goon a road trip to Italy. Because it’s quite a long drive we agreed on stopping over in Switzerland first and going for a walk in the beautiful Zermatt area. During the first part of the (uphill) hike we were completely alone and decided to make a picture of us in the beautiful landscape with the self timer on the phone camera.

Where to Propose in Zermatt, Switzerland

Surprise, surprise when my (then) boyfriend dropped on one knee and asked me to become his wife. Didn’t see that one coming.

Our Video

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