Kris and Paul

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How We Met

Freshman year of college! We friend-zoned each other, and were always around each other. Then after graduation, things started to change…

How They Asked

The pandemic threw off our “ideal timeline” for getting married, as we hit pause on all conversations surrounding that since there were so many (more) unknowns when COVID-19 hit.

We were staying in for most of our dates, when one day, he said he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner since it had been a while (responsibly and safely dining out, of course). I actually put on some makeup, and a semi-casual dress, and he drove us to our “dinner” (without telling me where he was taking me). We pull up to Pelican Hill Resort, which I was surprised by. He said he had dinner reservations there, but we had some time to look around and enjoy the view. After taking some photos and selfies, he started to lead me down the path where he had a couple of our friends decorate the proposal set up (following his photos of the many mock-ups and trials he did). It took me about 20 seconds to register what was happening! He shared a very sweet speech, which prompted him to get very emotional, which then caused me to get emotional. He got down on one knee, and asked the question! It was the easiest yes. A few close friends came down to celebrate with us, take a few sneaky photos, and have a small, outdoor dinner together. He’s usually a terrible liar, but he pulled off an amazing surprise!