Kris and Kieli

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how we met

It’s very rare that I friend people I don’t know on Facebook, but in October of 2012, I received a friend request from Kris. I knew of him, we had mutual friends so I accepted. Although he knew some of the same people I did, we never really hung out because at that time, I was living in San Luis Obispo and he lived in a town 40 minutes north of my hometown.

A few weeks later, I was notified that I had a Facebook message and of course, from Kris. We exchanged a few messages before he asked for my number and we talked every day. On November 10th, he drove two and half hours to the coast so we could meet. We went to the beach, looked at the stars and stayed up until 6am talking about anything and everything. For the first year of our relationship, it was long distance. Relying on phone calls, text messages and Skype to keep in touch. Christmas of that same year, I moved back home and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Being the perfectionist I am, I was planning Kris’ 30th birthday party for 4 months.I wanted to make sure it reflected his hobbies and his lifestyle. On the night of March 14th, 2015, we had about 30-40 people at our house so I was busy running around making sure people were having fun, food dishes were full and making my rounds chit chatting with everyone and thanking them for coming.

Seeing some of the most important people in our lives come together to celebrate Kris’ birthday made me ecstatic. Just like any other birthday party, everyone gathered in a circle around Kris to sing him happy birthday.

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After they finished singing, Kris brought me into the center of the circle to thank me for setting up his birthday party and to my surprise, got down on his knee! While I was planning his birthday, he was planning out his proposal and of course everyone was in on it! Not only did he propose on his birthday in front of our friends and family, but also in front of my grandparents on their 61st wedding anniversary.

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