Kris and Jillian

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how we met

We (scandalously) met at work! I had seen Kris around the office and thought he was cute but we didn’t officially meet until a mutual friend’s birthday party. He IM’d me the following week on our company’s messenger and asked me out on our first date where he sweetly planned a picnic with wine and delicious appetizers in Central Park… The rest is history! Kris eventually got a new job at a different company but it’s funny thinking back to our secret midday coffee dates!

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how they asked

We both love spending our summer weekends in Long Beach Island, NJ where my parents have a beach house. Kris really wanted to go to the beach for what he called a “quiet weekend” with just us and my parents in May. We were enjoying our usual morning coffee on the beach with our feet in the water, and I remember ironically we were reminiscing about how Kris officially asked me to be his girlfriend a few years ago in a similar location – feet in the water on the beach!

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We walked back to the sand, where Kris reached into a bag and pulled out a beach towel which said “Jill Will You Marry Me?” with a collage of pictures of us from various beach vacations (clearly we are beach lovers!) I was crying so much and covering my eyes that I hardly saw him get on one knee!

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The moment was so special and intimate, but we were happy when a jogger ran by and he was able to snap a picture for us to cherish forever! We then walked back to my house where I was shocked to see that Kris had planned the best surprise – a big party in the backyard with all of our family and best friends! Seriously the most amazing and most emotional day of my life- I can’t even imagine how our wedding day is going to feel!

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