Kris and Jessica


How we met

We met through Kris’ little brother, Aldo, who happens to be my best friend. Kris and I were friends for years and I would have never fathomed that we would ever be together. Somehow or another we started hanging out a lot and before I knew it I had the biggest crush on him. We dated on and off for about two years, but nothing serious. January 2015, I was going on a vacation to Puerto Rico and about two weeks before I was supposed to leave Kris called me and told me he would like to join me on the trip!

It came as a bit of a surprise, but I thought it would be spontaneous and fun. The trip was amazing! A couple days into it we went to a local bar for some drinks with some friends. We decided to go onto the roof top deck overlooking the ocean, it was so beautiful. We were hugging and just looking at the beautiful view when Kris asked me to be his girlfriend! It was one of the most memorable moments of my life!

how they asked

Kris’ brother, Aldo, is a pastry chef at a restaurant, Slice Deli and Cakery, in Fountain Valley, CA. that we love going to. He had told me we were going to a Labor Day party there and one of our good friends, Nathan Ray Penland was going to be playing live music and there will be a videographer for social media to promote the business. We all have the same friends, so when he told me all of our friends were going to be there to support the business and Nathan, it came as no surprise. That morning he took me to get my nails done and we went to one of our favorite crepe spots for breakfast, the start to a great day! We headed out to Huntington Beach where we were going to be staying at for the night in an awesome condo (air bnb) with our good friends, Josh and Joyce…so he told me.

When we got to the condo I sent Joyce a video of the place to show her where we were staying! She wrote me asking “Where are you guys?!” So I asked Kris what that was all about thinking she already knew about the place. Kris told me Josh was surprising her with the room that’s why she didn’t know where we were, luckily for him I didn’t think anything of it! We got ready and headed to the restaurant, every single friend of ours was there, I thought it was so awesome to have everyone we know in one place for this party.

About an hour of mingling with everyone eating and drinking had gone by and I heard Nathan start to play our song, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, but a friend was wiping mascara off my eye so I wasn’t paying much attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my family and his start to all walk in single file line, all with sunflowers (my favorite flower) and start to hand them out to everyone in the restaurant. I was in so much shock and confused as to what was going on!


I asked my cousins what was going on, but just looked at me and kept walking! When our grandparents came to me in the line they were telling me congratulations and showering me in flowers, I was still lost. Aldo was at the end of the line and he took me to a window where you can normally find him decorating his cakes, but this time there was Kris writing “I’m Yours” on a cake next it was smaller cake that had the ring sitting on top a bed of roses!




He came out of the room and took my hand in front of everyone, went to the center of the room, whispered to me how much he loves me and wants to be with me for the rest of our lives, and got down on his knee! I was in such shock and so excited that it was kind of a blur from there! After the proposal we went straight to popping champagne bottles and celebrating with all our friends and family! It was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!



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