Kourtni and John

How We Met

John and I both were attending Michigan State University when we first met (he has since graduated with a degree in Crop and Soil Sciences and I am into my last year of the Veterinary Technology program!) He is involved with an on campus fraternity called FarmHouse, an organization most associated with agriculture. A guy that I went to high school with is also involved with this fraternity, and just so happens to date a girl in my vet tech class, Jessica. When I met her my first year of the program, I knew that she was dating Christian (the guy from my high school) so we started off talking about that, and quickly became close friends. After the start of spring semester, I was talking to her about some guy troubles I had been having lately. She told me that FarmHouse was having a party that Thursday, and that I should come and meet some of Christians friends. I was reluctant at first, but after a rough week, I figured I had nothing to lose and that at the very least, if I didn’t meet my prince charming, I could at least make some new friends! So we met up and got ready together and headed there for the evening. We went up to Christians room, and he introduced me everyone in the room at the time, including John. We shook hands, our eyes met, he smiled at me a little longer than anyone else, and I shyly looked away. We all talked for a while, swapping “Where you from?” and “What’s your major?” stories as typical at any college party and then decided to make our way downstairs to the dance floor. As we walked I started drilling Jess for any details, especially on John, and she just laughed and smiled. She told me she had hoped we would meet right away, and thought I would really like him. As the night went on, she told me more about him, and I couldn’t help but look around and see if I would get the chance to see him again. A slow song came on, and just when I was about to steal Jess away from Christian again to be my dance partner, someone tapped me on the shoulder, and I couldn’t help but grin when I turned to see John asking if he could have that dance. I was more than happy to oblige. From that moment forward we talked and laughed and danced, and I was pretty oblivious to everything else going on around us. I had always heard of such things, but never really believed that you could get that lost in someone, until it happened to me! And as they say, the rest was history… :) We both thank Jessica and Christian endlessly for bringing us together, as well as our beloved university.

how they asked


A few months ago, I had mentioned to John how it would be kind of cool if (when) he wanted to propose, if he would do it somewhere on campus at Michigan State, since that was where we met, and because we are both such big Sparty fans in general. I also mentioned that it would be fantastic if he could make it happen that someone could be there to take pictures as it was happening, because I absolutely obsess over the pictures that other couples have of that moment. Thinking nothing more than it just being a passing thought (and never really thought he would remember I said such a thing!) we went on with life and our happy relationship. Over Thanksgiving break, I ‘accidentally’ found out that he had asked my Dad (and my Mom too) for permission to marry me. I say accidentally because he didn’t intend to tell me, but he was so excited about it (and so bad at keeping secrets) that he filled me in. Of course I had no idea when it would actually happen, but I was beyond excited nonetheless. Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, Friday, December 4th and I am at home at my apartment doing some homework (preparing for Finals week that was fast approaching). John had called me on his way down to visit for the weekend and said that he was meeting up with our friends Sam and Emily and they had mentioned that they wanted to go get couples’ pictures with Sparty (our Spartan statue on campus) because they hadn’t done that before. Without a second thought I said of course, that sounded great! I had just talked with Emily the night before about John asking my parents for permission and what it could mean, and dreaming of a future wedding. They came and picked me up and we drove into campus to see our good friend Sparty. We got up to the statue, and Sam and Emily had their picture taken first. Then, it was John and I’s turn…. We took our place in front of Sparty, and before I could even realize that John was turning to face me, he was down on one knee in front of me, asking me to marry him. And Sam and Emily were there to capture all of the moments for us. He had remembered all those things I had mentioned to him months before, things I thought I had just said in passing, but he paid attention to. Shocked, excited, incredulous, so many feelings were running through me, but it was all so very perfect. It truly was a moment that I will never, ever forget. :)