Kourtney and Christopher

Image 1 of Kourtney and Christopher

How We Met

Christopher and I met in college 5 years ago. We clicked as soon as we met and became each other’s rock and best friend.

how they asked

Christopher was searching for the perfect ring and the jewelry store was holding a contest, the winner wins a commercial in the super bowl to propose! Christopher never thought he would win but on Tuesday night they let him know he was the big winner! He had to prepare for the Super Bowl commercial which was being filmed the next day without me knowing! He filmed the proposal in a handsome suit and got together a “Super Bowl party” for us to all celebrate! Our friends came over the day of the Super Bowl and brought a ton of food! We ate and hung out for a while until the Super Bowl started when we all settled to watch the big game. I was sitting with Christopher and had no clue what was going on, meanwhile all our friends had their cameras ready for the commercial. Our friends started getting antsy because Christopher was told the commercial would be aired around 7 but it actually didn’t come on until 8! The commercial came on and it was quick, I saw his face on the screen and was so confused, then I saw my name across the screen and heard “will you marry me”.

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Image 3 of Kourtney and Christopher

Christopher then got on one knee and pulled out a ring! Of course I said YES!!! A news crew showed up right away and put our whole story on the local news, as well as the radio! Christopher and I spent the rest of the night hugging and kissing and celebrating and are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together!!

Image 4 of Kourtney and Christopher