Kotti and Aaron

How We Met: Aaron and I met only two months after I had moved to Denver from Santa Fe. We were in line at a bar and he made a silly joke to which I quickly responded with an even sillier joke. Later that evening we caught each others attention again and chatted awhile. Before leaving with my friends he asked me for my number. I was surprised when he called 30 minutes later to ask me out on a formal date the next day!

Image 1 of Kotti and Aaron

Our first date was at the Taste of Colorado! It was the best date! We listened to music, ate BBQ and talked for hours. Towards the end of date he played the piano for me on one of our local 16th street mall pianos. I knew at that moment I had met someone very special. He was so kind and such a gentleman throughout the night. On my way home that evening I texted my sister to tell her I’d met my future husband. Fast forward five years and it’s finally happening!

how they asked: It was Friday June 12, 2015 shortly after 5pm when Aaron called me after work to let me know he had made dinner reservations. I was feeling a little surprised by this because it was definitely out of the norm for him. I tried to ask questions but he said it was a surprise and asked that I dress nice and hurry, reservations were in a hour!

I was very excited and honestly thought maybe he’d flown my mother into town to surprise me! On our way to the “restaurant” he asked me to put a blind fold on which adorably was one of my winter scarves. He explained that he really didn’t want me to figure out what restaurant we were going to. After about 15 more minutes of driving we arrived at our destination.

Image 2 of Kotti and Aaron

Once again he reminded me NOT to take off my blind fold and that he would come around to help me out of his truck. That was the longest minute of my life! He came around to help me down and help me walk up a set of stairs.

Image 3 of Kotti and Aaron

He finally told me I could take off my blind fold and when I did he was on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Image 4 of Kotti and Aaron

Within that moment I had finally figured out that we were standing on the front steps of his childhood home and when I asked why he REALLY surprised me by saying that he had bought it! I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock!

Image 5 of Kotti and Aaron

The man I had prayed for and loved for five years I had just asked me to be his wife and bought us our first home to start a family! I was speechless and still am at moments!

Image 6 of Kotti and Aaron

It has truly been the most amazing five years and I can’t wait to say “I do!”

Image 7 of Kotti and Aaron