Koshiga and Jerance

How We Met

Who would have thought I would meet the love of my life at a nightclub? Definitely not me! In fact, I told myself I would never consider anyone I meet at a bar or club as anything serious.

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Fast forward 4 years and I am engaged to that one of a kind man I met at OhSo nightclub on December 14th, 2012.It truly was coincidence that we both crossed paths that night as he got invited last minute to a birthday party happening at the club, and my friends & I randomly chose this spot to go to as well out of all the others we could’ve went to. He asked for my number that night and I have never given my number to anyone at a club – but something made me give my number to him, and boy am I glad I did! We started texting inside the club that night, and have never stopped!

how they asked

I’m sure there are proposals where the “proposee” knows it is going to happen right? Well, I am one of them! Or maybe I am just very observant!

For our 4 year anniversary, I had planned a surprise trip to Aruba during the first week of December for the both of us. I gave him the tickets for his 25th birthday on September 1st, and since then, there were countless clues that he was planning something! He was talking way too much about engagement rings, talking about the 4 C’s of diamonds, the best designers and which designs I liked the most.

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The weekend before our departure, my sister practically dragged me to do my nails (which she never does, and I never do my nails either) because my nails had to be “presentable” for my vacation. I’ve been to tropical destinations before and she has never told me to do my nails for those so you can tell bells were starting to ring in my head. At this point, I knew he will be proposing in Aruba, just not how it will happen.

The second day after we arrived in Aruba, he told me he made reservations for an Indian restaurant and that he was very excited and wanted to dress up. This was really weird because he is not a fan of Indian food at all and he was getting way too dressed up. He told me to wear a nice dress and he was dressed in a blazer and pants. At this point, I knew it was going to happen today. As this reality hit me, I became so nervous! I was more of wreck than the poor guy himself. He got a cab for us to go to the “restaurant” and we ended up at a beach. I asked him why we’re at a beach and he said “it’s a surprise.”

As we walked a few seconds along the beach, I came across a path of roses leading to a beautiful picnic set up.

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As I was trying to wrap my head around what was before me…

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He got down on one knee and uttered those magical words “Will you marry me?”

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After I practically yelled “YES,” he then showed me the photographer hiding behind the trees. He had hired a Proposal planning service to complete the proposal set-up and do a photo shoot as well. Now THIS was something I did not know!

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Even for a proposal that I saw coming, I could not have been any happier! No wonder Aruba is called One Happy Island – I have not stopped smiling ever since!

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Special Thanks

Glendeline Maduro & Julien de Bats
 | The Proposal Planner Aruba