Korynn and Preze

How We Met

From Korynn: On March 17th, 2017, I got a message on Match that simply said, “Hey, how are you?” After returning the question, Crunktitan27 said, “I am just relaxing after a week with my third graders.” I eagerly explained that I was also a third grade teacher! The rest was history. We talked on Match for one weekend. Our messages turned into emails, the emails turned into text messages, and then the messages turned into our first date two weeks later. I live in Lancaster and Preze lives in Maryland so he planned a sweet date that met right in the middle. We saw a movie, shared a drink at Starbucks, and enjoyed dinner at Preze’s favorite restaurant. After dinner, we spent another two hours talking about who we are and our hopes for the future.

From Preze: I think of myself as a pretty traditional person with a regular routine as I tend to stray away from popular trends. I figured I would have met my future wife at a coffee shop, through a friend, or even at a bar. However having exhausted those options, I knew I had to step my game up and enter the realm of…online dating. Online dating for me was like learning how to walk. I had to go through multiple stages until I was successful, thus becoming “Matched” with the perfect person for me.

How They Asked

From Preze: The proposal that I envisioned was nothing like the one that happened. Being a man I ruined the surprise by being overly excited and overly obvious. The weekend I was proposed it rained, thus ruining my plans to take her to the local state park to propose during a magnificent sunset. So instead of waiting to propose the following weekend that had better weather, the proposal had to happen according to plan (curse my logic), as the ring was “burning a hole in my pocket.” The actual proposal took place in my apartment on a Sunday. However, Friday and Saturday of that weekend I was beside myself, as I would burst out in random laughter and make comments about her nails not being done. Korynn could have cared less about the location and surprise factor of the proposal. It was a special moment regardless.

From Korynn: Preze had told me to bring something nice to wear for dinner he arranged on a Sunday evening this past July in Maryland. After getting ready, I remember waiting in the kitchen. He quickly told me to put my shoes on. Soon enough, I looked up and he asked me to come to this one special spot in his apartment where the sunlight shines through. At first he pretended to propose, while opening up an empty box. However, before I knew it, he presented a beautiful box with Song of Solomon 3:4 etched in the glistening silver keepsake. He got on one knee, shared his love for me through his words, and proposed. It was personal, yet sweet – exactly as I had hoped. He took me to the restaurant where we had our first date to celebrate.

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