Kory and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick: Our mutual friend had tried setting us up for a couple of years and I never wanted to show up. He ended up tricking us into hanging out and we really hit it off.

Kory: Yeah, it was at the point where I didn’t believe that he was a real person until we actually met. We went out for drinks and had a lot in common and an official date was planned.

How They Asked

Nick: I’m going to let Kory work out the details of this but what I will say is that it was a complete surprise and I wish I had a different outfit on at the time. Kory: So a little backstory on little kid Nick. He grew up believing wizards were real and his dad got him to walk around their old town dressed as Harry Potter, hoping to be casted in the movies when they were first coming out. Needless to say, he has always loved Harry Potter. So for the proposal, I decided to throw a Harry Potter themed murder mystery party. The house was decked out in magical decor; floating candles, potion bottles, Moaning Myrtle sounds in the bathroom, Acceptance letters streamed out of the fireplace, the works! Afterwards, I thanked everyone for coming, gave a little speech about little Nick’s love of magic, and said this was the perfect setting to ask him to marry me. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and the proposal was accepted!



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