Kortni and Kyle

Image 9 of Kortni and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I had mutual friends and for some reason never crossed paths until 2017. By 2018 we were attached at the hip and more in love than I could ever imagine. Ever since we met, I knew I found my partner.

How They Asked

Kyle always told me it would happen when I least expect it, and he wasn’t lying..We planned a trip to key largo, FL to scuba dive for a few days, and on our second dive, Kyle decided to pop the question!!! We descended to the bottom and I see Kyle wave me down to come here – as I’m thinking in my head, he needs me to help him adjust his scuba gear?? Nope… he pulls out cards one by one asking me to marry him!!

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My mask immediately started filling with water as I was smiling from ear to ear. I probably used half my tank of oxygen in those few minutes, and even more when I saw my ring!! (thank goodness he didn’t drop it) This was such a special day for both of us🤍I can’t wait to spend forever with this man.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Jeremy Richardson
 | Videographer