Kortni and Jesse

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How We Met

I met Jesse 2 years ago through a mutal friend. I didn’t have the greatest first impression of him but my friend had added him to my Facebook account and about 10 minutes after that he inboxed me asking for my number. I of course gave it to him, we hung out and talked alot over those 2 years but we never tried to date as much as I wanted it to happen Jesse didnt. Then fast forward to January 4th, 2017 we made it official and started dating. I have a 5 year old daughter whose father isn’t in the picture and Jesse was more then willing to step up and become her daddy..

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how they asked

August 28th, 2017 I was working till 6pm and right after work we were going to Calgary to visit family and friends. We left at around 530pm and didn’t get to Calgary till about 1am Tuesday morning, I was exhausted. We had arranged to go see the mountains with Jesse’s dad and cousin but his dad had called right before we were leaving to tell us work had called him in and he needed to go so I was super bummed out. We went to see mountains anyway with Jesse’s cousin Jared, we had went to one place and seen a gorgeous waterfall then went to another area Jared knew. I climbed down the rocks to go touch the water with my feet and Jesse had told me to face my back towards him because he was going to take a scenic picture with me in the background.

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Jesse said ‘done’ i turned around and there he was on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand asking me to marry him..i was shocked and instantly started to baul like a baby. As Jesse was patiently waiting for my answer of ‘yes’ the only word I could get out of my mouth was ‘f**k off’ I was so stunned that was the only word I could get out. After about a minute of crying I finally answered him and said YES!

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Little did i know his cousin Jared was in on it the entire time and had his camera with him catching the engagement happening. Jesse’s entire family knew what was happening including his dad who did not have to work that day. I cried even more when Jesse told me he picked my ring out with my best friend/sister of 17yrs and that the 3 hearts on the ring stand for our daughter, me and him.

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