Korrin and Nicholas

How We Met: In 2012 I made a last minute decision to intern with the Corvallis Knights baseball team. I was attending college at Oregon State and pursuing a communications degree in broadcast and media. I quickly became known as “camcorder girl” to the team that only knew me from a distance. I met Nick early on but wasn’t looking for anything more than a friendship. While editing my film from the games there was something I always noticed… Nick was always looking at me. A month into the summer Nick and I began to talk here and there but before I could catch myself… Nick had swept me off my feet. Every girl wants that story book summer romance and this was mine. We were inseparable. We made a summer bucket list of all the things we wanted to do together before he had to leave back to school in California at the end of summer. With every day, I knew I was ultimately just causing myself a greater heartache in the end. Never would did I think it would hurt as bad as it did watching him drive away, thinking there was no way I would ever see this boy again. Sobbing I called my mo admitting to her that I had fallen head over heels for the boy I had been gabbing about to her all summer. To my surprise the calls came every day and the feelings only grew. It didn’t take long for him to get me to come visit him at school to watch some of his baseball practices (something I had been desperately missing too). I will never forget how I felt seeing him in the airport upon my arrival. Thank goodness my dad’s profession is with the airlines because Nick and I could barely go a week without seeing each other. Image 1 of Korrin and NicholasI was juggling a full school load while living half the month in California to be close to my best friend. October 13th, 2013 he asked me to be his girlfriend. That summer he was sent to Green Bay Wisconsin for his second season of summer ball. We agreed that we wanted to be together so I wrangled an internship with the team and we were off for a second summer filled with love and baseball. I ended up moving to California after that summer to live with Nick and be there for his Junior year season while I finished school online. He played the best I’ve ever seen and rightfully so, he was drafted to the San Diego Padres in June, 2014. I moved home to Oregon to be with my family and Nick reported to his first professional season. To our surprise he reported to Eugene Oregon, 3 hours down the freeway from where I was. Out of every minor league team in the COUNTRY he ended up playing for the team closest to me. For the third summer in a row Nick and I were able to fall more in love with each other than ever before and I got to watch him play baseball every night. If our relationship has taught me anything it is that love is one of the most powerful things I know. When a man loves a woman he will find a way to her and when a woman loves a man she will do the same.

This picture is our first summer together with the Corvallis Knights watching the fireworks on 4th of July on the field (also our first picture together). I received an email from the man who took the picture with a note that said, “I’m not sure if you and Nick are an item, but I took this picture because it sure seemed like it to me!

This picture is from his Junior year season at Cal Poly… can you tell how in love I am?!

Image 4 of Korrin and Nicholas

how they asked: I went to visit Nick for 3 days in California to join him and his family celebrate his departure to his first spring training with the Padres. Saturday night we were all going to dinner, but he told me we hadn’t had much time alone so he wanted to take me to a lookout we have been going to since we started dating called Signal Hill. During the drive he turned on a playlist that had all the songs that made him think of me and this journey we have been on together thus far. I remember looking at him and feeling an overwhelming amount of love as he sang each song like he wrote the lyrics himself… with a smile on his face like he was the happiest man in the world. It was then the tears began, the butterflies took over my stomach and the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. When we got to Signal Hill he led me to a bench and held me tight as we looked over the beautiful city lights. He began reminiscing about all the things I do for him, for our relationship and that when he says he wants me to be his wife… he means it. Next thing I knew my best friend was down on one knee with an open ring box in his hand and asked “Korrin Elizabeth… Will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Korrin and NicholasI remember putting my forehead against his and crying… Feeling my heart fill with more love and excitement than I knew how to hold. Without a doubt I said yes and he slipped the most beautiful diamond on my finger. We laughed, cried and tried out the words fiancé for the first time. When we got back in the car he blasted Bruno Mars I think I want to marry you. At the top of our lungs and gigantic smiles on our faces we sang along as fireworks in the city lit up the sky. I cried the whole way to his going away party while I contacted my family back in Oregon about the news they already knew. I told Nick I wished my parents could have been there and he sadly agreed. We got to the restaurant and made our way to the patio. Before we walked out Nick told me he had another surprise for me, just in time for me to look up and see my Daddy. I lost what little marbles I had left and sobbing I realized this was a surprise engagement party and my family was there(!!). To top it all off, he proposed on my parents 18th wedding anniversary… proving once again he knows me better than I know myself and all the things that are important in my heart. We had a wonderful evening surrounded by the people that have supported and loved on us through the best and hardest days of our relationship. We were flooded with kind words from friends and family near and far… I’ve never felt so special in my life. And the best part is… I officially get to spend my life with the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

Image 3 of Korrin and Nicholas