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I teamed up with Smyth Jewelers, which houses the largest jewelry selection on the East Coast, to plan a surprise proposal for the love of my life Kori Kline, a former Ravens cheerleader, who has previously appeared as a wedding guest and maid of honor in two earlier Smyth commercials. Little did Kori know that her third commercial with Smyth, in which she was cast as the bride-to-be, would actually be her own secret proposal.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fells Point Baltimore

Since being posted to Facebook on Thursday, the video has been viewed 16,000+ times and shared by hundreds. To bring the proposal to life, I reached out to Smyth via a hand-written letter, pitched the idea, and for two months, planned the surprise and designed the ring with Smyth’s team.

Please let me know if this would be of interest for a story or online share, or if I can coordinate an interview with Smyth and ourselves for more details on how the proposal came together.

Kori and Zachary's Engagement in Fells Point Baltimore

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