Kore and Aaron

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How We Met

We met at a wine tasting benefit put on by Aaron, for a non-profit organization called Alpha Christian Children’s Home (ACCH). Aaron has a huge heart and loves to give back to the community. I work full-time at a non-profit foster care agency but was also working a side gig for fun. I got a text 2 hours before the event from my boss, asking if I could help pour at a benefit for children in need… So I got off my couch, and thank goodness I did! I walked down the stairs to the beautiful event space and saw a handsome man, and a few rowdy kiddos. One of his daughters would not leave my side the entire evening, and he kept coming over to check in on her. We talked about mutual passions for helping children, and he hooked me with his charm and wit. It didn’t make total sense, but then it did. I fit right into their family, and couldn’t picture my life without them.

how they asked

Will you marry our dad! And join our family forever?

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So, it made perfect sense that he asked me to marry him at ACCH, since we wouldn’t have met without this place. As we were driving up there he told me that the director, Jeff, wanted us to come check out the new house out there. The kids got out and were playing with the kiddos that live at ACCH. I saw our friend Katie, the photographer, and started suspecting something might be up? Katie and Aaron must have been distracting me, because then the kids surprised me and ran up with their matching shirts.. They were in line backwards, but I caught what they were saying! It just added to the special moment! I looked over, and Aaron was on one knee!

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I fell in love with all 5 of them. I can’t wait to spend my life with an amazing man, and these amazing kids. (The little one technically isn’t either of ours (remember how we both love caring for kids?), but we take care of her every weekend, so of course she was a part of it too!) It is a far better love story, and proposal, than I could’ve ever hoped for. And how lucky are we to have each other. Love them so much! Here’s to years of backwards , benefits, and lots of lots of love! Some better quality photos here.

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Special Thanks

Katie Lewis
 | Photographer
Jeff Mulpas
 | Planning