Koral and Jacob

how we met

I met Jacob on February 20th 2016 at a jujitsu tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jacob was there to coach, and I was there to watch. I had no idea that Jacob had seen me at the jujitsu gym for several months and had wanted to talk to me. Because he is shy, he was thrilled to finally have an opportunity to get to know me at the tournament and hang out with me and a small group of mutual friends there from our gym. We hit it off very quickly at the tournament. I was enjoying the attention from one of the coaches! Unfortunately, we got split up during the event, and it was then that Jacob had to go. Right when I was realizing that he seemed to like me and was also realizing that he was pretty cute, I realized he had left! I was confused and I thought, “Why wouldn’t he say goodbye?” I then thought that there must have been no connection after all, and he probably really didn’t like me.

I soon found out that Jacob, that night, searched me on Facebook and added me. I didn’t see it until the next day, but when I did, I smiled to myself when I saw his profile picture realizing that we did have a connection after all. When I added him on Facebook, I realized that we were from the same hometown of Kingman Arizona, a small town 100 miles away from Las Vegas! Quickly after accepting his friend request, I messaged him to ask if he was really from Kingman. He remembered that we even had a choir class together ten years prior during my freshman year and his junior year of high school. We never spoke, but even at that young age, Jacob had remembered seeing me in class and thinking I was pretty. He always says he remembers me wearing a “blue dress” that caught his eye. There was not a day that went by after the tournament when we didn’t speak. A few days later, we had our first official date at Skinny Fats, and Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

A few months later, things were starting to get pretty serious between us. We were both pleasantly surprised that everything was moving in the right direction and every day we were feeling more and more convinced that we were right for each other. I come from a traditional family, however, and I informed him very quickly that he would have to get permission from my father to marry me. It would be my dad who gives me away at the wedding after all.

Over Thanksgiving, we decided to take a road trip to Oregon to meet Jacob’s mother. Little did I know, he had already spoken with my father and had even bought the ring! He just wanted one final thing before asking me to marry him: he wanted me to meet his mom. I didn’t know all this. I was just excited to pack our bags and his two dogs and start the road trip up north. On our first day in Oregon, he told me that we were going to hike to a waterfall near his mom’s house. I wasn’t very excited because I’m a planner, and we had already talked about driving to Portland and spending the day there. I was a little cranky about the change of plans, but he convinced me that it was a good way to spend time with his mom. I found out later that he was planning on waiting a couple days before taking me to this waterfall, but he checked the weather and found out that our first morning in Oregon was the only time all week that it wasn’t raining!

We get to the waterfall, and Jacob just takes off running on the trail with the dogs. I’m so confused as to why he is leaving his mom and me behind, but I just shrug and hang back. I eventually catch up to where he is in a perfect spot in front of the waterfall. I smile about how handsome he is standing there waiting for me in front of this gorgeous site.

He then gives his mom his camera to take some pictures of us. I still have no idea what is going on. He even gets down on one knee and starts fumbling with a jewelry box and I still can’t even believe yet what is happening. He finally tells me he loves me and wants to be with me forever. It finally clicks that he is proposing and of course I say yes!

Special Thanks

Images by EDI