Konnor and McKenzie

How We Met

I was going to school at the University of Utah and playing football for the Utes in Salt Lake City, UT. McKenzie was going to school at Utah State University Eastern Campus and playing volleyball for the Eagles in Price, UT. So there was quite the distance between us. We both were playing around on our phones one evening with our roommates and both ended up downloading a dating app called Mutual. We both had limited info on our bios so we just started talking. We started talking on a Monday and talked all week. Our first date was that Friday in Price. I decided that she was cute enough to make the two hour drive down to Price. Our first date was a hit and I was hoping that I would get a second. I had work the next morning at 5am in Park City. So I made the three hour drive up to Park City, slept for 2 and a half hours and then worked all day Saturday. Later Saturday McKenzie invited me back down to Price to watch the Super Bowl with her and her friends. Fast forward ten months and I got down on one knee!

how they asked

Over the past few months I kept trying to pick up on very subtle hints on things she wanted and didn’t want included in her dream proposal. She didn’t have a bunch of huge opinions. She didn’t want a ton of people there and she wanted good pictures. I tried to plan a few different proposals and they all seemed to fall through. I had the ring sitting at my house and was starting to get very anxious. Over the past few months McKenzie had shown me several pictures taken my Mary Jessica and talked about how she would love to have Mary take pictures for our wedding. So I reached out to Mary through Instagram and asked if she would help me with my proposal. I decided to have Mary reach out to McKenzie and ask her to help with modeling for a holiday wreath photoshoot. McKenzie was a little hesitant because that was a little out of her comfort zone but she ended up saying yes! Mary and I planned out the perfect location up Provo Canyon just behind Sundance Mountain Resort. I went up early with Mary and hid in the perfect location behind the snowy winter trees. Mary then went back down to meet McKenzie and take pictures.

Konnor's Proposal in Sundance Mountain Resort

After 15 minutes of McKenzie’s “photoshoot” I was able to sneak up behind her and get on a knee without her knowing I was there! Then when she turned around Mary was in the perfect spot to capture all of the reactions and smiles. Lucky for me, she said yes! We took a few more pictures and those turned out as some of my favorites!

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Special Thanks

Mary Jessica