Konalee and Adam

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How We Met

We met in Perth, Western Australia shortly after finishing high school when I was out to dinner with a mutual friend. Adam worked at the restaurant and was great friends with my dinner companion through playing golf together. Instead of waiting tables, he pulled up a chair and joined in the conversation and laughter (not the best employee at 18 years of age!). Safe to say we hit it off!

Once he got the okay from our mutual friend (I always have to explain that we were on a “friend-date”) he hit me up on MySpace (LOL, right?)! And the rest, as they say, is history!

how they asked

On day 2 of our USA vacation, we were heading off to my favourite place in the world…Disneyland! Adam planted a seed that morning when he mentioned he had made a reservation for lunch at one of the 5-star restaurants in the park and suggested we dress to impress. I was starting to get a bit suspicious (and excited, of course!) but I went along with it.

We arrived at Disneyland as soon as the gates opened to beat the crowds and raced down Main Street to get our customary follow-me-to-Disneyland photo in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle for Instagram. While taking a few selfies with my sequin Minnie Mouse ears, a lady approached us and asked if she could take some photos of us for the “Disneyland website”. Of course, I obliged and after a couple of shots, Adam started with the spiel and that’s when it hit me. It was happening!! Adam got down on one knee in front of the castle and our photographer, Talia, captured the special moment at the happiest place on Earth!

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I had no idea at the time but in the lead up to our vacation, Adam had arranged a proposal photo shoot (through Flytographer) so we spent the next hour or so having a photo shoot around the park. It was so special and we felt like celebrities with many people stopping to say congratulations! At the end of the shoot, I excitingly asked about our lunch reservation – which turned out to just be a ploy to get us to dress nicely – as he knows me so well and that I would hate the moment to be captured in casual clothes.

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Can you believe I was actually a bit disappointed that we weren’t going to lunch, but then I realised I was ENGAGED and quickly snapped out of it. We had a good laugh about that later. We spent the rest of the day having a ball on rides and taking endless photos (my Instagram got a serious workout) and had fireworks to top off the most magical day! Adam planned it so well as the next day we were off to Vegas, followed by Hawaii to enjoy our “engagement-moon”!

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