Kolby and J.

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How We Met

J. and I met at Illinois State University where he is an assistant baseball coach and I at time was a graduate assistant with the softball team. The baseball staff asked the softball staff to trivia night at a bar in town, in which I sat next to him and we talked the whole night. The rest is history!

how they asked

J. told me that while at an all coaches meeting at Illinois State, some vendors were giving away some free prizes to try and promote their business with the university. He said he won one of the bigger prizes which was a horse and carriage ride and dinner at the Ewing Manor, a beautiful mansion located in town. When I arrived at his house, the horse and carriage were there to pick us up. As we were approaching the manor, I noticed all these beautiful lights strung outside. Little did I know, he had spent 3.5 hours hanging them all that morning. We pulled in and walked around the grounds, which were gorgeous in the fog and drizzle. I felt like I was in an old movie. He then had me sit down at a small tea table as he told me he was going to “find out what was going on” considering I thought we were supposed to be eating there. He then pulled a letter out of his jacket and I realized what was actually happening. As I read the letter and reality set in, tears filled my eyes.

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His letter instructed me to “walk towards the lights” in which I found him surrounded by a circle of lanterns and lights all behind him. He then dropped to a knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and asked me to spend forever with him. I of course said yes! He also surprised me with my parents, grandparents, and his parents joining us for dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date (there really wasn’t a dinner at the mansion for us). It was amazing to be able to share our special moment with our families.

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Special Thanks

Kimberly Knight
 | Photographer
Ewing Manor
 | Planning