Kody and Andrea

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How We Met

Kody & I met our senior year of High School in South Dakota through a mutual friend at our winter formal. The group we were with, no one had dates, it was just a group of friends getting together for a fun night. The whole night, I remember wanting to ask him so bad to dance, (he’s not into dancing, he stood off to the side most of the night), but I chickened out. Later during Christmas break we hung out with each other & our best friends a few times & even found out we had a class together in our last semester! During our last semester of school we became pretty close friends & hung out almost every weekend with our best friends.

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We ended up going to prom together & celebrated our graduation from high school. After the summer, I left for college in Nebraska & Kody stayed in South Dakota for college, but ended up enlisting in the military before Christmas! Nineteen days before he left for basic, we were crazy enough try out this whole dating thing. Not only were we now in a long distance relationship, but our only way of communicating the first six months were through handwritten letters!

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how they asked

Kody & I love to travel, we planned a mini get away to Seattle in October 2017. We were only there for three full days, on our last day there we had originally planned that day for a hike. We were not sure exactly where until the morning of & decided to go to Lake Twenty-Two that I had found off Pinterest. After some coffee & donuts (breakfast of champions before a hike HA!) We were off to drive to our destination. Once we got there & started our hike, we were in awe of the place. It was the toughest, most beautiful, fun hike we had done yet. About three hours later we finally made it to LakeTwenty-Two! It was so surreal & fake looking it seemed as if you were starring at a magazine. We found a big log on the shoreline of the lake to take in everything around us & eat a snack. After enjoying the quiet & peace, we decided to continue on the trail around the lake.

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Shortly after we started, I snapped a picture & was so excited on how beautiful it was, I told Kody we had to set up selfies there. After setting my phone up for some self timer pictures, we took a couple & Kody asked to see them. He said he wanted to take a couple more, which is odd looking back on it, but I was so excited about how beautiful the background was, I wasn’t thinking & thought maybe he didn’t like the way he looked. As we took a couple more, he was trying to time it just right, he says my name & as I turn toward him, I see the ring in his hand. I instantly started crying, he got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him. After 9 years of being together, I have been waiting for this moment! In between tears, I kept asking if this was real & officially said yes! The moment was so perfect & so much more than what I could of asked for.

P.S. the ring was in his coat pocket THE WHOLE TRIP!

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