Kodi and Jordan

Kodi's Proposal in In our home

How We Met

I saw him working construction one day in the pouring and I stopped to ask if he wanted some hot coffee, he politely declined and so I just took a chance and asked if he wanted my number. After talking for a few days we went on our first date a week later and now 3 years later we’re getting married!

How They Asked

I had gone to visit some family that evening while he stayed home, when I returned later it was after dark and when I walked through our front door he had candles lit everywhere, rose petals on the floor, in the kitchen, and the living room. He had soft music playing and we slow danced until he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was so perfect because we’ve made so many amazing memories in our home so far and now we have another, even our dog was there for the proposal which makes it even more special to me!