Koby and Morgan

How We Met

We met on Hinge! We had a few mutual friends on Facebook and are from the same area so Hinge matched us together. After texting back and forth for a few days, we decided to meet up in person for the first time at Cafe Intermezzo. When I first saw him at the restaurant, I took a huge sigh of relief because he actually looked like his photo (thank goodness) and from there we hit it off and have never looked back!

How They Asked

Koby prepared a beautiful area outside my house by setting up a teepee with sheer curtains wrapped around it, string lights lining the ceiling, photos of us draped along the fence by my pool, and fur pillows and blankets for us to sit on while we watched a video he created on a projector screen.

The video consisted of him reenacting when he received my first messages on the hinge by showing our first messages on the screen and what we replied to each other (which is really sentimental because I had been looking everywhere for our old messages and could never find them but Koby somehow did).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Georgia

After that in the video, he went to the place where we first met and was wearing the same clothes he was wearing the first time we met and filmed himself sitting down at a table at the restaurant. During this time, the text messages that I sent him on the way to meet him for the first time popped up on the screen.

Koby's Proposal in Georgia

After that, he wore the same shirt he wore in the first photo we ever took together and went to the exact spot. To end the video, a text message bubble popped up saying “Hiiii it’s Koby! I have a question I would like to ask you” and he stood us both up and then bent down and proposed. And one of my favorite parts is that he picked the special date of 12/21 for a reason- his birthday is on the 12th and mine is on the 21st ❤️ So that date symbolizes us joining together.

Our Video