Kloi and Buddy

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How We Met

Buddy and I met back in college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I was a Sophomore studying to be a teacher and Buddy was fifth year senior studying ​Engineering (and Miller Lite). We had mutual friends and had always heard of each other but didn’t get the chance to meet until the infamous KA frat party. We had both just gotten out of long relationships and were “single and ready to mingle.” To keep it short and sweet – Buddy followed me around all night like a love sick puppy and I wouldn’t give him the time of the day. It was evident the timing was off but there’s no doubt there was an attraction. Fast forward two years later and we reunited at Buddy’s second home, the gym. We started chatting and became great friends. I was able to be open up in a way I never had before and laughed more than I have had before. Everyone that knows Buddy, knows he is always the life of the party! Before I knew it, I was the love sick puppy! I would go every day just to the gym see him but, of course I wouldn’t tell him that ;) BUT, it paid off! From there our story began and the rest is history!!!

how they asked

It was my 24th birthday and I had been begging Buddy to take me to The Biltmore ever since we started dating. He finally got tired of hearing me ask him to go and surprised me with a trip for my birthday! We woke up a little later than Buddy had planned and he said to grab my outfit and get ready in the car on the way up to Asheville. Buddy was f.l.y.i.n.g up the mountain but, of course I just thought he was excited to get there because he seemed so happy! We parked the car and he suggested we go check out the house first before it got dark and then we could go look around. I didn’t have mascara or lipstick on (couldn’t put it on in the car with my hunk of a crazy driver) and after the 2 hour drive – I had to use the bathroom. He was like no come on let’s just go!! Of course again I was like he’s really excited let’s just go. We get to the house and I said lets go look from the view up top – the “infamous spot.” We walk up there and a guy with a Biltmore name-tag and a camera asked if we wanted our picture taken. Me, not ever being at the Biltmore before, thought that someone just stood up there all day to take pictures and you could purchase them on the inside. So, I thought nothing of it! We took a couple pictures and Buddy said, “Lets take a serious picture.” I looked at him and from the look in his eyes I just knew. My response before he even said a word, “Is this really happening?!” Buddy was taken back thinking I was going to burst out in tears!!! In my defense, I had no idea. Zip, ZERO, zilch that this was going to happen and was in complete shock! There had been so much going on in our personal lives that I couldn’t even imagine him having time to think about proposing. He looked me in the eye and said, “I know I can’t give you a lot for Christmas, but I can give you my last name!” He got down on one knee and he barely got it out of his pocket before I jerked that ring out of the box and started jumping up and down!

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The fact he could surprise me and take the time to plan every last detail meant more to me then he could ever know. I am more in-love with him today than I was yesterday and I could not be more excited to be Mrs. Layton!!!

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