Klaudia and Scott

How We Met

Scott and I “officially” met during our sophomore year in high school. I will say I do remember him adding me on Facebook before we started freshmen year and me thinking he was cute! After sophomore year, my friend group changed and we started seeing each other more through our now mutual friends. We instantly got along probably because we have a very similar sense of humor. Also, as it so happens, most of our classes were together during our junior year. As time went on, Scott and I became best friends. We were two peas in a pod. Our friends used to make fun of us saying we would end up together. It’s funny looking back at that now.

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After graduation, we were both going to separate colleges. I was going to attend Siena College near Albany, NY and he was going to Clark University in Worcester, MA. It only took him a couple weeks after we graduated to spill his feelings. He told me he’s had a crush on me for months. It took me aback but I’ve always had feelings for him which I suppressed. We ended up dating a couple days after that and made it through 4 years long distance (one of those years Scott was in London studying at LSE!). Right after college, we moved to NYC together with our kitty, Snickers and have lived here for a little over 3 years.

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how they asked

Fast forward 7 years from the day Scott told me he loved me (July 13, 2011), our seventh anniversary was quickly approaching. We kept discussing what we wanted to do. Two years ago Scott surprised me with a trip to Disney on our anniversary so we decided we wanted to get out of the city again. We threw around some ideas like Vermont or Catskills but couldn’t agree on anything. I plan a lot of events for work so obviously, I’m really bad when it comes to planning for my personal life. A week before July 13th and I still haven’t decided where we should go.. oops! At that point, Scott told me he’ll plan the trip, book an Airbnb and that’ll be his gift to me for our special day. DEAL! I was super pumped I didn’t have to do any of the heavy liftings.

We took off Thursday and Friday (July 12th & 13th) from work to escape the crazy city life and celebrate. On Thursday morning, we ventured out on the surprise getaway. Scott put the address in the GPS and I still had no idea where I was going! As we started driving, I guessed that it was somewhere in New York since we were making our way upstate (I knew the way really well since I went to school near Albany). We ended up in Lake George at a CASTLE. Please see the picture below to show that I’m not exaggerating:

I was in shock obviously. My first thought: wow, my gift really sucks compared to his. He rented the side cottage of Highlands Castle and it was perfect (it’s pictured on the left). After admiring the castle, we went out to dinner and out to a local brewery. On the way back from dinner, I got the car stuck up on a hill and had to call for help (but that’s another story for another day). This was the night before our anniversary so Scott asked if I wanted to stay up until midnight so we could look stargaze. I was all in. We settled in on the side patio with a couple of wine glasses and admired the view. It was absolutely breathtaking, I’ve honestly had never seen anything like it. When it got closer to 10 pm, we went inside and put on some Netflix. I was asleep within MINUTES which was not in the plan (Scott put on a rockumentary about Chicago, the band, what did he expect?!).

As midnight approached, Scott had to improvise. He decided to put my phone on loud, slip out and call me to wake me up. He called me SEVEN times, seven. I didn’t budge. He said he could hear my phone all the way from the patio but I was in deep REM sleep. He came back around, knocked on the window and said my name loudly. Apparently, I sprung up, nodded and went back to sleep. Ha! At that point, he came back inside, put my phone next to my ear and was ready to try again. That time, I woke up but I was very disoriented. I didn’t know where I was or what was happening because I was woken up from a deep sleep! “Come outside on the main patio, it’s midnight! Happy anniversary babe. I have wine out here, come out.” I didn’t know which way was right but somehow I made it outside. I had to use my flashlight to find my way since it was pitch black. Somehow I found my way to the main patio, and when I turned the corner, there was Scott on one knee ready to spend the rest of his life with me. I couldn’t believe it! The first thing I said to him was “Are you joking?”. But that’s not where the story ends!

The next morning was blissful. We ate out at a diner and went kayaking around Lake George. I couldn’t stop admiring my ring, it was so perfect and so me! On our way back from kayaking, I noticed someone in the doorway of our cottage. “Is that Sharon?” I asked. I swear I saw Scott’s mom in the doorway. Scott assured me I was just confused. When we walked in the house, there were Scott’s parents waiting to surprise us. They told us they were just there for a few hours to congratulate us since they were passing by (they claimed they were at the casino in Saratoga). Of course, oblivious, I believed them. A few hours passed, Scott told me he wanted to take pictures so I went to go put on a dress. While I was getting all dolled up, I saw my parents and my brother walking down the driveway! That was the only time I really teared up. Family is a huge part of me and Scott knew exactly how to round out the weekend. After our greetings, parents told me that they were staying in the castle with us for the night! Scott rented out the whole property and he got the master bedroom which was honestly something out of a fairytale. We spent the night eating, drinking, and celebrating. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our special day.

Everything was perfect. Everyone was together. My heart was full.

The ring is another story! It’s so special and unique. Here is the description that Zameer posted on his website: “Set on the shoulders are 13 diamonds for their anniversary on July 13, 2011, when they first started dating in high school. Three diamonds are marked with a thin line signifying the first three days of their relationship – the moment he told her he loved her, their first kiss, and their first date. Carved after the last diamond is a set of brick, the same brick which is found at their high school in Connecticut. The prongs are inspired by her favorite flower, the peony. Set on the inside are two rubies, signifying when they first met and when he proposed to her in a castle last month. Engraved on the inside are the words Kocham Cie – I love you in Polish, highlighting her heritage. Carved on the side profile is an image of her family’s home “Ranczo” in Korsze where she grew up and they both visited for the first time in Oct 2017. That’s where Scott decided he was ready to propose to Klaudia. The Ranczo Ring features a round brilliant diamond and small diamonds set in platinum.” Thank you to Zameer, Aimee and team for designing the ring of my dreams!