Klaudia and Kyle

Our Proposal

How We Met

Kyle and I first met back in 2012. We had both decided to give online dating a shot and after a few failed attempts I didn’t have my hopes up. It was a month of late night, all night phone calls and texts before we actually met in person. Kyle was currently living in Florida, moving back to New York, and I was off to visit family in Poland. We decided we would meet after I returned. Three and a half years later, a move to New Jersey, and two furbabies later here we were. The happiest I had ever been. I knew with every passing moment Kyle would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. We had talked about engagement and marriage before so it wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting. We had even looked at rings together.  me to be his wife with the most beautiful ring.

how they asked

Fast forward to February 2016. I surprised Kyle with a trip to Orlando, FL for his birthday in April. I was going to wait to surprise him right before we left, but too excited, I couldn’t wait. When it finally came time for our trip, Kyle was over the moon. His sister and cousins all live in Florida and we were both very excited to spend some time with them. On the day we were leaving, Kyle was acting a little out of the ordinary and I began to overthink everything, even texting my cousin that I thought maybe a proposal would happen. We finally arrived in Orlando and our first day was spent at Magic Kingdom. By the end of the day with the beautiful musical and fireworks shows when it didn’t happen, I told myself I was overthinking it all and it would happen when it was the right time. The next day we all went to Universal Studios and his family decided they wanted to take pictures in front of the Universal globe. Not thinking anything of it, because I love pictures and capturing our vacations, I agreed. We were the first couple to go up for our picture and before I knew it Kyle was standing next to me, holding me tightly, asking me if he could ask me something. That was the moment I knew. Before I could even nod my head and say yes, my eyes were welling with tears, and Kyle was turning me towards him. The man I loved was finally down on one knee asking me to be his wife with the most beautiful ring.

All I can think to myself now is thank god for pictures and videos because I was so happy and hysterically crying that it all became a big blur.