Kiyara and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met at an ice cream shop back in high school [ shout out to King Kone Creamery in Hershey, Pa! ]. Our first day working together was like our first date – although I was supposed to be training him, we spent the entire time joking around and getting to know each other! We went to the same high school, but had never actually met before that night.

Before I knew it, I found myself looking for him in every hall way and awaiting a run in before the next time we could work together. He caught me by surprise, as I’m not one to usually open up to just anyone.

You’d think that the thought of him graduating high school soon and leaving for college at the end of the summer would have been enough to dissuade us from pursuing anything more than a summer fling, but that summer we saw each other as much as we could, and grew closer than I had ever expected. We decided a few weeks before he was leaving for college that we wanted to actually make the commitment to each other to try and make it work, even though he was going to be a few hours away.

About a week later, while on vacation at the beach with my family, my dad got a call that a job opportunity he’d been previously pursuing had come up again and he was on their radar. He flew out immediately for an interview, and after a few rounds he was selected for the position. At this point my family and I were back home when he called to let us know he was starting his new job and we had 2 weeks to pack up and move… to COLORADO -1,637 miles away.

The only thing that made this news harder, was knowing that I had to go and break the news to Scott …the night before he left for college. I was convinced things were over for us. We were both young, he was about to start a new phase of life, I still had my senior year of high school to finish – and was now going to be doing that half way across the country. It only made sense that we break it off before things got too difficult.

Little did I know at the time, but telling Scott about this move was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Instead of parting ways and wishing each other luck, he was ready to try long-distance! [ I had secretly hoped all along that maybe it would be an option, but realistically.. who wants to do that?! ]

The next day, he left for move in day at Penn State, and we spent the next 2 weeks talking as much as we could. I managed to surprise him at school the following weekend so we could spend a little time together, and we planned for him to come home and say goodbye the weekend my family and I were moving. Again – I had no idea saying goodbye to him was going to be one of the hardest days of my life. The night before we set off on our long road trip, Scott gave me a promise ring before saying goodbye. He said it was the best way he could show how committed he was, and wanted me to have a reminder I could look at to help during the hard times that were to come [ cue ugly cry ].

We spent the next 4 YEARS doing long-distance, traveling back and fourth every 6 weeks to see each other. I stayed in Fort Collins for college, and he was loving Penn State. It was a difficult thing to endure, and we wished every day that time would hurry up so we could finally be closer to each other. In that 4 years, we were faced with a number of challenges beyond just long distance – Scott was studying Kinesiology, so he could pursue a career as a Physical Therapist. Before we knew it [ I say that like it wasn’t the most grueling 4 years ever! ], his senior year was upon him, and it was time to apply for grad school.

He applied to a number of schools on the east coast, as well as 2 in Colorado. Just the thought of him applying and possibly going to school within driving distance from me was enough to get us through the rest of our time apart.

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Graduation came, the end of summer had arrived, and he was FINALLY moving to Colorado!! He had been accepted to Regis University in Denver, and is now a 45 minute drive from me! He’s now been here for almost 2 years, will be graduating with his Doctorate in PT next May, and I still pinch myself every time I jump in my car and realize all I have to do is drive a short 45 minutes instead of having to book a plane ticket! We’ve done more adventuring around Colorado in the last 2 years, and have taken full advantage of being so close to each other, as well as this beautiful place we have grown to love.

how they asked

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Scott and I have taken full advantage of Colorado’s beauty, and do our best to adventure as much as possible! Last year, for our 5 year anniversary, we took a trip to Pagosa Springs for the weekend, where we spent time exploring the town, a day at their magical hot springs resort, and visited the National Sand Dunes on our way home. It was easily one of our favorite weekends, so we decided to revisit Pagosa this summer, before his classes became too busy to get away.

We booked the trip, and were on our way after work and school. It’s a fun 5 hour drive from Denver, and we always enjoy our road trips together – being goofy and enjoying the scenery. We spent Saturday at the hot springs resort again, relaxing in the pools and the river.

On Sunday morning, we set out for a hike we had wanted to on our last trip but ran out of time for. We packed up and headed out for our hike before heading home that afternoon.

From the beginning of the trail, we were taken back. Walking through the woods, then open fields and meadows, to walking through the tallest aspens I’ve ever seen, all nestled at the base of the mountains – it was all breathtaking. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we reached the lake… Opal Lake is by far the most beautiful place I’ve seen.

We sat under the trees [ swatting off bugs left and right ] and had a few snacks, talked to some other hikers, and took in the scenery. People started leaving, but Scott and I weren’t ready to part with this place. He walked up a little hill and told me to join him, as “the view was amazing” from up there. I followed him up there, and we had a moment alone to take it all in and be alone.

He started talking about all we’ve been through together already, and wanting to never go through life without one another. Before I could consciously realize what was happening, my entire body was shaking and he was reaching for his pocket as he got down on one knee…

As I began to grasp that the biggest moment of my life was happening, I couldn’t hold back the water works [ full on ugliest cry of my life, to be exact ]. I said YES, of course, and he slid the most beautiful ring onto my finger. I was shaking and crying so much, I truthfully couldn’t even take a good look at my bling! He finally had to hold my hand and steady my finger so he could show me the gorgeous ring he had designed.

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After taking the time to soak it all in, and fight off the urge to cry big happy tears for hours, we set back for the car to make the trip back to Denver. Our drive home consisted of stories about how he went about all of these amazing plans and personally designed the ring I’m going to wear for the rest of my life. Every detail about it all was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, and I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect way to say yes to my best friend!