Kitty and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I met working at Allen Fieldhouse, where The University of Kansas basketball teams play! Luke is older than me and graduated KU in 2010. After Luke graduated in 2010, he got a job working for the KU Athletics in Ticket Sales. I went to college in 2010 and graduated KU in 2014. During my last two years at KU, I worked part time during the Men’s basketball games serving food and drinks to the William Education Fund donors who sat courtside watching the games. I would work and watch the games courtside in the North East tunnel and tended to the donors during TV timeouts. Luke, having a job with KU athletics, had to stay for the games and work and he would watch and work in the North East tunnel as well and that’s how we got to know each other! One Friday night in November 2013, after working the KU Men’s game, Luke asked me to meet him and his friends out at the bars. My little sister, Vicky and I went to meet him and his friends. The Monday following that Friday, we had are official first date – dinner and a movie. From then on, we been stuck with each other ever since! Our first picture taken together …

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how they asked

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I told Luke my ideal proposal… myself with my nails done and makeup and hair perfect, and my man to ask me in the evening either by himself or with others around and to have the memory captured so we could have that photo forever. Right after our proposal we would celebrate our engagement with our friends and family gathered together in one area. Luke did everything perfect!! Luke proposed to me on Saturday, February 11th 2017 in Allen Fieldhouse in the VERY PLACE and EXACT SPOT where we first met! February was a hectic month for me, Luke had to make sure that I didn’t plan any work or social events on the weekends. Luke asked me I could tell him every time that I planned something on the weekend, so I did. On Friday night February 10th, he told me that after work I had a letter to read. I was excited, like any girl would be for a letter because no one writes letters anymore! But I got home and it was a letter from Luke, it read “.” I knew something was up but couldn’t tell what? The thought of an engagement went through my mind but Luke knew I expected a night proposal!! I was still excited; Luke showed me what he was wearing and I matched him because I didn’t know how fancy or casual to get! But it all worked out and sure enough I was ready by 10am! Lawrence, KS is 30 mins from where we live, when he was driving we took the main highway to get there and I knew we were going to our college hometown. He drove through town and parked at the Fieldhouse, I was still clueless how everything was going to happen. We walked into Allen Fieldhouse and went on the court, Luke was talking and I knew it was coming. He stopped me in the North East tunnel, said really amazing things, got on one knee, and while we both were tearing up he proposed! I was so happy and crying so much I couldn’t talk to say yes!! I shook my head YES because I was so overwhelm with happiness!

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After the proposal I told Luke I was hungry (we both were) since we didn’t eat breakfast. He suggested we go eat somwhere closer to home and I agreed. We pulled up to a restarant and sure enough when I walked in … my family and friends (and Luke) surprised me! I had no idea they were going to be there surprising us and helping us celebrate the engagment! I of course cried when I saw everyone, it was such a special moment and I didn’t expect any of it … everything was perfect. Our friend and his former coworker helped him get into Allen Fieldhouse and took the pictures of us! Thank you Jeda for that. His mom and our familiies and friends helped with setting up the surprise party, we thank all of them for their love and support!

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