Kitty and Cody

Marriage Proposal Ideas in London Sky bar

How We Met

Cody and I met at work over 6 years ago. I met him in a meeting and was introduced by our manager – we looked at each other and waved. I thought to myself: this guy is SO CUTE. A couple of months of working together we started talking and he asked me for a weekend concert. I said yes, and thought to myself if things got awkward between us I would just quit my job! Years later working in the company still, colleagues slowly found out but we kept our relationship on the DL. We eventually got promoted into different departments.

How They Asked

In May, I went to visit my best friend who moved to London. At the same time, Cody’s mom turned 60 and they went on a family cruise. The cruise departed from London and went around Italy and ended in Rome. Before going on the trip, I asked Cody if there was a chance we could meet up in Europe since we would be there around the same time. I tried to move my schedule around to hopefully fly to one of the ports to meet up with him. He said it wasn’t worth it since it was a cruise he would only be in each port/city for a couple of hours. I was bummed we couldn’t meet up but excited we got a chance to enjoy a vacation even though it was a part.

Kitty and Cody's Engagement in London Sky bar

I was having a great time in London with my best friend Rachel, she took me to different themed bars around town and we did a lot of catching up. One day, Rachel told me she would take me to this cool sky bar, I was so excited! I followed her there. When we got to the lobby, it felt a bit odd since the “bar” (really it was a rental space) looked quiet and in a residential area. I thought to myself, Rachel always takes me to cool new places, this place is probably up and coming and no one knows about it yet! A man later came down and took us up the elevator.

We got off the elevator and I opened the door and I see rose petals everywhere, it still didn’t hit me yet. I thought to this a floral themed bar? Then I followed the rose petal path…and Cody was standing at the end of the path, smiling. I was shocked! I thought he was in London to surprise me! As I walked down the path, I slowly realized what was happening..Cody then got down on one knee and asked me THE question I’ve been waiting to answer…

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