Kittens Help Man Propose

how they asked: The night Dylan proposed was the most romantic and beautiful night of my life. After coming home from dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, Dylan opens the door to our apartment and what I saw took my breath away. Our apartment was decorated like an incredible winter wonderful full of 100 white roses, rose petals sprinkled all over the floor, candles lighting up the entire room and a sign on our Christmas tree “Karolina will you marry me?”

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Our song “In the Still of the Night” was even playing.

Before proposing, Dylan said to me “I know you wanted a sunset but I couldn’t wait any longer”. Being completely clueless that a proposal was coming so soon, I told him at dinner early that night that my perfect proposal would be during a sunset while on vacation.

After seeing all the thoughtful effort and love Dylan put into that night….what sunset?

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Our gorgeous proposal was documented by Dylan’s brother and my brother and their amazing women, who also decorated our apartment while we were on our date. Everyone was hiding in the bedroom during the proposal and came out to celebrate after I said yes! Our two kitties (puffy_n_caesar) were even dressed up as bride and groom!

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Everything was absolutely perfection. The night was incredibly emotional and after five weeks we are still in engagement bliss.