Kirsty and Mark

Image 1 of Kirsty and Mark

How We Met

We were students at the time in 2011 and M Club in Belfast where having their usual student night. We didn’t know each other but I remember Mark wearing a checked shirt and under the UV the white really stood out so he caught my eye and I made the first move embarrassingly.

how they asked

It was the first day of our trip in New York and it was a gorgeous morning. Although I was puzzled why he had brought his winter jacket with him? I had said to him about to head out, Mark it’s to be a hot day do you want to leave that jacket here or put it in my rucksack? He said no I’ll carry it it’s fine. So we were out of the hotel that morning by 07:15 and it was even warm at that time. We were on our way to Ellens Stardust Diner for breakfast and took our time walking there by taking a few photos in Times Square seeing as it was quiet and jumping in the background of ‘Good Morning America ’.

We got to Ellens Stardust Diner and we had a great breakfast. I’m a big Disney fan so Mark was laughing at how much the day was off to a great start because of the Disney singing and how much I was loving it. We had planned on going to Central Park on the first day so off we went. It was around 8:00 am and we were walking in the lovely warm weather and I was looking at the big warm collar on Mark, I suggested he take it off but he insisted he was ‘cool’.

Image 2 of Kirsty and Mark

We got to Central Park and oh my days it was gorgeous. You immediately step into this quiet romantic setting and the sun shining just made everything look amazing. We both love dogs and of course, there were everywhere so I was beaming from ear to ear. We weren’t in a rush so we just followed the paths holding hands talking about where to find the zoo. Mark had Gout a few weeks before we went to New York but it cleared up. We were walking and he started playing with his foot saying how it was starting to get sore. I ignored it because I was really wanting to get to the zoo! We walked a little more and he let go of my hand and said, No Kirsty this is really actually sore have a seat here on the bench. So we sat down and I was thinking, please don’t start this we have just arrived! He was faffing around with his shoe and still had the big jacket on. He said to me, Kirsty will you do me a favor? And I thought oh my god, he’s going to make me go all the way back to the hotel and get a plaster or something. I said yea what’s wrong? He said it again, Will you do me a favor? Confused I said yea what is it? Mark said, It’s been a great start to the day so far, you know I love you to bits as he squeezed my left hand. I looked away in question, oh my god is he? When I looked back at him he reached into his left pocket, got down on one knee and at that point I threw my head back and screamed Oh My God! I just started crying my eyes out. I looked at him and he was holding the box shaking, as he opened the box he said, will you make me the happiest man in the world and I just screamed YES shoving out my left hand! He giggled at me putting the ring on and we just kissed and hugged in absolute awe.

Image 3 of Kirsty and Mark

We sat on the bench just so happy, me still crying and shaking and then he did a big sigh taking his coat off saying how warm he was! I laughed so hard realizing that’s why he wore the big jacket so I couldn’t see the ring box. I couldn’t believe it was me and I felt like the only girl in the world. I just kept looking at the ring in disbelief it was mine and how absolutely beautiful it was for me. We were on top of the world.