Kirstin and Reagan

how we met

I worked at Dick’s Sporting Goods and one day a really cute customer walked in. I was nervous to ask him if he needed help, but I knew I had to because it was my job. I finally worked up the courage to talk to him and he responded delightfully. He went to walk away and I followed him, pretending I was fixing the sock rack. He turned around and we talked for about twenty minutes. Reagan asked for my number and texted me that evening saying, “Hi Kirstin, this is Reagan Houser” like I wouldn’t know who he was! LOL. The next day we went out on a date to mini golf and dinner.

how they asked

Reagan originally wanted to propose in Myrtle Beach in 2018, but found out that I really wanted all of my family to be there, so he held off. I told him when we moved in together in December of 2018 that my favorite day of the year was Christmas Eve. I hinted that it would be cute to propose then because our family was together. He replied with, “I’m not corny, I’m not doing it on a holiday”. To my dismay, I was saddened. On Christmas Eve, we went to church service, came back and hosted a party with our family. Reagan went upstairs for ten minutes and I thought maybe he didn’t feel good. He came downstairs and started thanking everyone for coming and I became super confused. Then he started talking about our relationship and he knelt down and asked me to marry him! I was so excited and shocked I couldn’t even get “yes” out of my mouth before crying!

Special Thanks