Kirstin and Connor


how we met

I was working for a bbq restaurant at the time and had to do a catering for this party around Christmas time. Come to find out I was catering this party for Kirstin’s best friend’s mom! So the party started, and she came through my line to get food. She gave me this huge gorgeous smile that I feel in love with. Later that night she saw my coworker at a restaurant and asked her for my number! Unfortunately, I was dating someone else at the time, so I didn’t pursue her. A few months later, I broke up with the girl I was dating and Kirstin was the first girl who came to mind. BUT she was dating someone when I reached out to her. No more than a week later she broke up with him, we went on our first date, and we have been together ever since!


how they asked

After I asked her parents for their daughter’s hand, 2 weeks passed and I had everything set up at the Whisper Dome. I had a ring, flowers, a picture blown up of the two of us, and a saying from one of her favorite songs. That night we went to dinner at this awesome restaurant called the Wild Rose. After that we started to head to the Whisper Dome. I had both of our families there hiding and my brother in law filming. Before we pulled up to the dome, I asked her to cover her eyes and not to peek.



As I walked her up to the Whisper Dome, there were rose petals making a walkway and candles lighting the way. As soon as we got to the last step I uncovered her eyes and as she saw what was happening she started crying. when she turned around to look at me, I took the ring out and got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes!




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