Kirstie and Jeremy

How We Met

Jeremy and I met on May 14, 2011 – it was Jeremy’s birthday. A mutual friend of ours had been trying to set up us since the fall of 2010. I was dating someone and was not interested. During this time, he had texted me many times, usually when he was out at the bar, asking me to come. I always said “no thank you, another time”.

Fast forward to May 14. I had finally agreed to go to the bar and celebrate his birthday. It was a great night! We talked a lot and I had a great night. I was no longer seeing someone by the way :)

We saw each other a few more times in group settings. We hung out on Canada Day long weekend and he told me that he is moving to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (across the country). Whatever we had going, as over.

Fast forward again, to the end of August. I was out celebrating our friends bachelorette and who walks through the door but Jeremy. I didn’t know if he was back for a visit or for good. We chatted a little bit, but I was playing hard to get. You do not get to move across the country and the moment you come back think you can pick up where you left off.

We both attended our mutual friends wedding at the end of September and the rest is history. We spent every weekend together and purchased our first condo in downtown Guelph together after 4 months! We both knew right away that we were meant for each other. We finally had found our soulmate.


Image 1 of Kirstie and Jeremy

how they asked

In July 2015, my mother, sister and I went to Paris for a mother/daughter trip. Both my mum and my sister had been before and this was going to be my first time. We arrive on July 12 and did all the tourists thing you can imagine – they wanted me to have the full experience.

The morning of July 17, my sister had ‘planned’ that we would walk up the Eiffel Tower and then to Trocadero. This was suppose to be a relaxing, not to busy type of day where I could sleep in…she woke me up at 7am! I was not pleased and became a tad grumpy! We proceeded with our day, breakfast at our favourite cafe, followed by standing in line for the Eiffel Tower. Due to my grumpy mood, I did not pick up on the fact that my sister was on her phone quiet often, texting. As we were leaving the Eiffel Tower, she announced she had to go to the washroom. As we approached the steps on the bridge going down to the river, my mum had suggested we go down to the river boats where there was washroom. Carlie said ‘No! Lets go this way (across the bridge up to Trocadero). As we walk over the bridge, my sister says “I actually don’t have to go anymore”. Again, being grumpy, I got annoyed – you have to go and now you don’t, what is going on! We start walking towards the park and she states “Oh, I have to go again, and lets go down to the ones at the river”. WHAT IS GOING ON, I thought!

As we walk down the to the river, my sister steps the side and stops….I look at her and ask what she is doing. She says nothing and pushed her head in the direction of the river. I look and do not notice anything. My mum has now stopped in her tracks behind me (she figured it out). I look again to my sister and she continues to direct her head to the river. As I walk, slowly, to the river, I do notice a man sitting down at the river bank. I continue to walk and the thought goes through my head, ‘Is that Jer? Is he going to propose?’.

As I get closer, I see a bouquet of flowers and the thought went threw my head again. As I approached closer, Jeremy, while sitting, turned around with ring box open and asked “Will you marry me?”!!!!!!!!!!!

Image 2 of Kirstie and Jeremy

Image 3 of Kirstie and Jeremy

I was in such shock, all I could do was place my hands on my face. From this point on is a bit of a blur. I, apparently, asked Jeremy if this was a proposal.

My mother is in the background sobbing, very loudly! She had no idea. Only my sister. Jeremy had this all planned with the help of his parents (booking the flight and hotel on their credit card so I wouldn’t see), my dad (arranging a car service for him to and from each of the airports) and my sister (working out the details of the day).

Image 4 of Kirstie and Jeremy

Jeremy had never been to Paris either and I was excited to show him all the important landmarks. However, when I asked how long he was here for, he announced 34 hours!!!! He flew into Paris around 8am on July 17 and was flying out at 5am on July 19. He had also been awake since July 16 at 6am. He was extremely tired! I wanted him to see everything but he said ‘I did not come here to see the city, I came to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me”! We spend the next hours relaxing and eating the amazing food. We both fly out of Paris at 5am on July 19. He was unable to get a seat on our flight but he was able to get a flight that arrived 20 minutes after ours in Toronto.

I still cannot believe that the love of my life flew across the world, to only ask one question….and I said Yes!

Image 5 of Kirstie and Jeremy

Image 6 of Kirstie and Jeremy

Special Thanks

Carlie Roberts
 | Photographer (my sister)
Martina Wendland
 | Photographer (of the ring)