Kirstie and Jarvis

How We Met

Kirstie and Jarvis met through mutual friends. The two first exchanged glances at a Halloween party when Kirstie was home visiting family from college. Kirstie was dressed as maid, while Jarvis stole the show with his reenactment of Lebron James’ pregame powder toss. While no words were exchanged on that night, there were plenty of glances. Kirstie came back home for her Christmas Break and ran into Jarvis again at a New Years Eve party. A little after midnight, Jarvis found Kirstie and two talked well into the new year. Having hit it off immediately, the two remained in touch when Kirstie left to go back to Hampton University in Virginia.

how they asked

Kirstie is not easily surprised, so Jarvis had his work cut out for him. Early in the week, Jarvis got in contact with Kirstie’s older sister, Nikeitra, to make sure that Kirstie had her hair and nails intact for the proposal. Kirstie and her sister are very close and a day of pampering was their norm. The Friday before, Jarvis casually mentioned winning tickets to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and scheduled for the two to go the next morning. Kirstie was excited because the Botanical Gardens is one of her favorite places to visit in the city. Upon arrival, the two began walking the grounds and taking photos. Jarvis stopped at a fountain and asked to take a few pictures. Before she knew it, Kirstie was being surrounded by her closest family and friends, and Jarvis was down on one knee.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Kirstie was so shocked! Through her tears, she managed to SAY YES!

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