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How We Met

I was a 15-year-old teen who was worried about my next dance team routine, and he was the guy whose locker was under mine. It was the sophomore year of high school, and I knew Ian as the guy who was a total ladies man. I never thought anything of him except, “yea, he was cute.” Slowly but surely, he began to flirt with me by tickling me from behind, hugging me from behind, and all of a sudden I started to have a crush on him. I heard through my best friend grapevine that he had a crush on me as well and that he wanted to ask me to Sophomore year homecoming. I honestly do not remember how they asked me to 2006 Homecoming, but I will never forget how they asked me to be his girlfriend. It was October 6, 2006, and my best friends and I made plans to go hang out at the outdoor mall.

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As we were walking from store to store, there were whispers going around that I did not think anything about. As we were walking up to good ol’ American Eagle Outfitters, I see everyone stay back and they are yelling at me “LOOK AT THE DOOR.” I opened the door and peeped in the store, and I see American Eagle employees pointing to the pillar right outside the door I opened. I then see a poster saying “Kirsten, will you be my girlfriend?” and as I turn around, surprised, I see Ian walking towards me with his arms wide open. I ran up to him and said, yes! After that, the next 12 years are a history of growing together.

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how they asked

During high school, I let it slip in one of our 2 am late night phone calls that my favorite flowers are sunflowers and how much I would love for him to bring me one sunflower one of these days. All he said was “One day I’ll get you sunflowers” but never did, until that special day.

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Just like how they asked me to be his girlfriend all those years ago, everyone knew except for me. I was under the impression that we were going to go to one of my best friend, Alanna’s, bridal brunch. My usual brunch attire of a nice top, cute jeans, and heels was not going to change on this sunny Saturday. She somehow convinced me to wear a dress that she had lying around and never wore. She is a headstrong type of person so my mentality was “whatever the bride wants, the bride gets.” So the four of us piled into her car and headed to the Eilan hotel. She was buying time by missing exits and touching up our makeup in the car, and not getting out of the car until our favorite songs ended. Once we got out of the car, we go up to the hotel restaurant, but I had to use the restroom.

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We passed the restaurant and Alanna says, “I think there is a restroom over here” and as we were walking, I see my other best friend and my sister and at that moment, I knew what was going on. As I walked up to the gazebo and looked to see all of our closest family members and friends are surrounding him holding sunflowers. He tells me, “I told you one day I would give you sunflowers so I brought all these people here to give you them. Now can you give me a gift?” He got down on one knee and said: “will you marry me?” I, of course, like 12 years prior, said “YAAAAAS!”

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