Kirsten and Tim

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My Parent's House

How We Met

Tim and I met in our last semester of college, I set designed a show that Tim was in. We officially met on opening night (with the help of a little champagne courage) when he came up to congratulate me on the set and my casual (and very smooth) response in front of an entire group of people was “Hey, you’re boyfriend height.” (I’ve been 6′ tall since freshman year of high school, so as you can guess, this has been a struggle). At the time I don’t think I thought I was hitting on him, I was just stating a fact. The next day he asked me out for coffee, and five years later he asked me out for the rest of our lives.

how they asked

Tim and I both have some pretty random skills, I currently work in theater/film as a designer of props and special effects. If It doesn’t exist, I’ll figure out how to build it. Tim has worked as a planetarium presenter, a carpenter, and is currently working at a wedding tent rental company. With our skills combined we’ve been thinking about eventually wanting to run a business together. Our long term goal is to own a wedding venue, that also does custom builds for wedding. A few years ago we decided to start building on that idea with “I Do Props”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My Parent's House

Because We’ve always talked about this dream of running a wedding venue, we had obviously talked A LOT about weddings, probably more than is normal. But usually in the “when we have our venue we’ll get married there,” “Mom, it’s going to be at least five more years” type of way. So while I knew this was where we were heading, I also knew a proposal, wedding, etc. was a little ways down the road.

Well, this year while we were home for the holidays, we decided to team up with a few of my best friends to do a styled shoot for I Do Props in my parents backyard. We planned this shoot for almost a year. Tim and I built tables and centerpieces, all my brothers came home to help with the shoot, my parents fed everyone, we had a professional photographer, and a make-up artists and the set ups looked beautiful. The few weeks leading up to the shoot were non-stop, I was focusing on the small details and making sure we packed everything we needed to drive from SF to LA. Little did I know, that while I was stressing about planning two fake weddings, Tim was having a ring made and planning one very real proposal.

The day of the shoot was incredible, except all day everyone kept trying to convince me that “I needed to do my hair and makeup and put on something nice” so that I could get some headshots taken. But anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much live in my work clothes, and it’s very rare to see me not in jeans in a T-shirt. The last thing I wanted to be thinking about that day, was sitting still in a chair for an hour while someone made me up. So I kept telling people “We’d do it another day.” Little did I know, all these people had ulterior motives.

Well, we took a bunch of shots during the day, and then the photographer said “I think I’ve got everything I need with this light, so once the sun sets, we can pick it back up with night shots.” Then someone suggested we take a group shot of everyone who was there working on the shoot, and then Tim said “I have a great idea for a group shot.” This was the most he had spoken up all day, so I was like “yeah he’s really excited about this idea, let’s all be supportive.” We had a setup from earlier that was all ready to go for a wedding ceremony shot, complete with the benches Tim and I had made, and a big light up I DO on the mantel of my parent’s fireplace. So everyone came over, sat down in the benches, and I went to sit down as well. But Tim stopped me and said “Wait really quickly, I just want you to look at the framing that the photographer is going to see” and then he turns me away from him, and when I turn around he’s on one knee and my entire family, and best friends, are sitting on the benches we made watching this go down.

Kirsten and Tim's Engagement in My Parent's House

I seriously had NO IDEA. In fact it’s funny to watch the video because there is a giant light up “I DO” sign in the background and yet my shock and surprise seems as if I had no idea what was happening (because I didn’t). I MEAN, COME ON! How many people get to decorate their own proposal, while completely oblivious to the fact that it’s happening?! I love this guy.

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