Kirsten and Monte

Image 1 of Kirsten and Monte

How We Met

In Middle School on the bus. We didn’t start dating until a few years later at Valley Fair.

How They Asked

He took me to a secluded area by the river at Minnehaha Falls. He set up a spot for us to sit, and pulled out a handmade chest and a baby Yoda doll with a letter. The letter told me how much he loves me, how I am his best friend, how much better his life is with me, and how he wants to spend forever with me. Then he told me to open the hand-painted Deadpool-Harley Quinn themed box. Inside it had rose petals and photographs of us throughout the years. When I got to the bottom it had a box, that when you open it up a rose pops up and the ring was in the center. Then he asked. After 13 years together, I was finally able to say “yes”.