Kirsten and Michael Van

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How We Met

Michael and I met in 2008 through one of his friends as we were still in high school. We became very good friends over the next two years and in our last year of school, in 2010, our friendship blossomed into a relationship. I can honestly say I’m in a relationship with my best friend, we have experienced so much together, and it made it so much easier than we were friends before being in a relationship.

How They Asked

Oh, this day still makes me cry, it was PERFECT, and I had no idea of one single thing!

It was the day of our 11-year anniversary and Michael had told me he had planned a day filled with wine touring in the Hunter Valley in NSW. It was the week that there had been flash floods in NSW so the day began with pouring rain but none the less we continued the day Michael had planned. We began our day by having an early breakfast at a winery and did some wine tasting at various wineries. Coming up to 13:00, Michael started saying we can’t be late for the next winery and I said oh I’m sure we can be 5 minutes late and he said no, we’ve got to get there on time. When we arrived at the winery it had finally stopped raining and I remember Michael digging for something in the back of the car but paid no attention to it, little did I know he was getting the ring
ready to propose.

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We walked into the winery and there were two people, one with a video camera and another with some banners, asking us if we would like to do an interview about sustainable living. I was so nervous at that moment thinking oh my gosh I hope I look okay to be on TV, and I hope I do not do something silly to mess it up! We are both very passionate about sustainable living, so we agreed to do the interview. We were taken to a beautiful area where we were seated and explained that we need to ask and answer the questions on the banners. At this point, Michael seemed very nervous and he is the coolest and collected person I know who never gets nervous! After asking the third question Michael was instructed to untie the banner hanging from the roof behind the seat and I remember thinking what on earth is happening, it was so cute he sort of struggled with the tie on the one side.

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Then the banner came down and there were the words “Will you marry me” and Michael was down on one knee, fumbling around with a little box in his hands trying to get the ring up the right way. He actually broke the ring box with all the fumbling around adding a humorous bit to our engagement story! After he had asked me, I burst into tears, it was so special and such a beautiful moment, I could not have imagined this day any more perfect than it was.

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We did some videoing through the vineyards with the videographer and then we were taken around to the other side of the winery where a picnic area was set up beautifully with the most stunning view of the vineyards and the valley. It was just so perfect, all the planning and thought that went into our engagement day was just amazing, Michael really surprised me!

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co
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Escobar Images
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James Allen
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