Kirsten and Mason

How We Met

Image 1 of Kirsten and Mason

Mason and I met my first day of freshman year of high school in AP World History. He swears that he chose the seat next to me first but I think it was me who sat down next to him. Our friendship grew every day in that class and I think people knew we were going to end up together before we even knew it. My sophomore year, I don’t recall Mason. I might have seen him in the halls and waved or the occasional small talk but that was it. He played football and I cheered so it sounded like the perfect scenario but nothing really substantial happened again until early spring of my junior year when I randomly stopped him in the hall for his sweatshirt since “my class was cold.” This silly little thing sparked our friendship and we were back to the old us until he asked me to go with him to his senior prom. 6 years ago, I didn’t know it would come to us planning our wedding and looking for houses but he told me he was hoping it was me all along. I have fallen more and more in love with my high school sweetheart and best friend and I couldn’t be happier taking that World History class because now Mason and I are making our own history together.

how they asked

Image 2 of Kirsten and Mason

Some people have moments where they just know their significant other is the one where I had several moments where I just knew Mason was going to be my husband one day. We talked about marriage probably a good year or so before he proposed. We were up in Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan on a small getaway celebration from my summer classes with my family. I highly suggest going up there; it’s absolutely beautiful! He proposed on August 8th of this year and the whole day he seemed sort of…different. Like his mind was somewhere else just thinking and thinking. We went to some little towns during the day even though it was raining like it did the night before. When we arrived at the dunes, the sky was somewhat overcast. My mom took pictures of me and Mason because I’m a picture person. I’m one of those “it didn’t happen if you didn’t take a picture” kind of people. We walked up to a more secluded area and at this time, the sun was starting to set and it was stunning. I am all about the sky. Mason got right down on one knee and asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and of course I had to say “YES!” Come to find out that all the thinking he was doing was what to say to me when he proposed due to nerves. It wouldn’t matter what he would have said because the fact that it was Mason Teel on one knee in front of me said it all. That night back at the campsite, I have never seen the sky so beautiful with stars. As we were walking together, we saw a shooting star and I looked over at him and my wish already came true.

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