Kirsten and Leon

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How We Met

Leon and I met a little over two years ago in Atlanta, Ga. We are both from Savannah, Ga, but did not meet each other until we were introduced in Atlanta. One of my closest friends, which is his cousin, asked me to go to a lounge with her to watch a football game and hang out. I typically do not like football, but I decided to go anyway. When we get there, she tells me that her cousin will be joining us later. When he arrived, I thought he was very cute but didn’t think much of anything. We left the lounge and went out to eat and he asked for my number. We started texting and then suddenly stopped. A month later, he texted me and wanted to hang out so we went to a different lounge in downtown Atlanta. We had so much fun and laughed the entire night. I am such a shy person, so if you can get a conversation and laugh out of me then it means something. Since that night we talked and texted everyday. I wasn’t sure how we would work since he was in the Army and had to return to New Jersey soon. Thankfully, distance did not stop us and we face-timed, talked and texted everyday. He would visit me once a month and we would always have a great time. We built a foundation on friendship and it developed into love. Once his time was up in New Jersey, he moved to Marietta to be close to me. It has been happily ever after since then and nothing but “awesomeness” these past two years. I am so happy I went out that night to watch football.

how they asked

Leon and I have been dating for a little over 2 years and besides the surprise of the proposal, how he planned everything confirmed that he is the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Months before the engagement, Leon had contacted my family, friends, and sorority sisters about the planned engagement, and invited them to the event. Meanwhile, my friends told me they were coming in town to hang out, which was not abnormal. And my sorority sisters told me they were coming down for a teacher’s conference. Leon told me that he made plans for us that Saturday. I told him that my friends were in town and asked if he could reschedule, but he said that he couldn’t. So when he picked me up I was confused because we went to the movies and I was expecting dinner since he told me to dress up. After the movies we went to the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta, so now I am really confused. I am starving and was ready for dinner. Eventually the event manager (which I later found out was in on everything) told us about a restaurant on the rooftop, and invited us. So once we made it to the top of the building and began walking up the stairs, I see my father on the helipad. Next I see all of my friends, my family and his family there. But of course, as soon as I saw my father I knew what was about to happen. He announced that everyone lied and there was no teacher’s conference. I was in complete shock. He began to sing and the tears were flowing! And then the moment happened where he got down on one knee and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! It was so beautiful!! On the helipad with downtown Atlanta as the background with my family and close friends from out of town was simply amazing! After the proposal, he rented out a space at a restaurant next door which was basically our engagement party. The fact that he thought this through and wanted to make sure it was perfect definitely made me the happiest I have ever been! I am marrying my best friend!!
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