Kirsten and Hunter

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How We Met

I truly believe that I was destine to meet my fiancé, Hunter. At the young age of 16, I was introduced to Hunter at a University of Kentucky football game, where we now attend college together. Through multiple different connections, it was fate that we met. My step father and his step father were fraternity bothers back in the day when they were wildcats, so they introduced the two of us and we instantly were inseparable. I still remember the butterflies I had when we started talking. I was instantly drawn to him. We have not missed a single day since then of talking. We were best friends and our biggest fans, and fell in love with one another one year later.

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At a young age I knew he was the one I wanted to grow old with. I believe God placed each one of us in each others life at the perfect time. He showed me a love that I did not think even existed. Hunter is my rock, my best friend, and the only one who can mend any of my worst heart breaks.

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I feel as if I am the luckiest girl to have found my forever love, my Fiancé, and soon to be husband. I cannot explain how in love I am with him, and our love grows stronger each and every day.

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how they asked

It all started on December 21st, 2015 when I was with Hunter and his mother going to the air port to fly out to Los Angeles, California. The plan was for Hunter’s mom and I to fly out, and hunter to just see us off. However, this was not the case. We were walking to the security and all of the sudden Hunter was going through with me. WHAT A SURPRISE! I was so excited that Hunter was actually going with me to Cali! We were off to what I thought was going to be an ordinary and fun Christmas vacation. It only got better from here.

The morning of December 25th, 2015 started off with family and breakfast in Los Angeles, California. We sat around the tree and we opened gifts and listened to Christmas music, like every normal Christmas. All of my family had already gotten ready, and I was the last one to shower and get ready for the day. As soon as I got out of the shower, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and was handed a “Date Card” by one of Hunters brothers, Miles, along with a beautiful Tom Ford red lipstick. I began to open it and it was a letter from Hunter. It was so beautiful. The letter read…

“My Beautiful Girl,

Time to really start our day! I’m really excited to share this day with you, my love, my partner, the woman who makes me complete and a better person. I know how much you love to doll yourself up, so here is a little something to get you started. I’ll be waiting with the finishing touch. I cant wait to see you! I could not ask for a more beautiful girl to join me on this special date. Hurry up, your driver will be waiting! When you arrive just simply follow the petals!

Love You Baby”

After this, I got ready and was excited for our special date. A date with Hunter is always amazing. My driver picked me up and I had wore the red lipstick to go with my outfit. As my driver and I walked to the parking lot, there were roses on the car waiting for me. A dozen beautiful red roses. I smiled and got even more excited to get to our destination. I had no idea where the driver was taking me. We drove for an hour, and we arrived at Malibu. A place that is very special to Hunter and I. He knows that this is where I love to be.

I got out of the car and began to walk along to path to the beach, when I saw pink and white petals at a more private area before we got the beach. I began following the petals. As I walked, the petals went from pink and white, to a vibrant red.

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I walked for about a minute and then saw the most beautiful view ahead of me. It was Hunter, standing over the beach on top of a cliff like place. My heart was racing. He handed me a single red rose and said “Kirsten, will you accept this rose?”

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Of course I said yes and was handed the beautiful rose. He then grabbed both hands. He told me that everything around him reminds him of me. Tears began to stream down his face, and I wiped them away. After he had said all of these beautiful thought out words to me, he got down on one knee, and asked “Kirsten, will you marry me?”

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I was smiling from ear to ear.

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I could never dream of something more beautiful or perfect as he is. I SAID YES!!!!

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Hunter wrote this about his feeling of proposing to me:

“It’s like a beautiful cliff but dangerous as it ends towards the ocean. You meet your partner at the end of it, you could look down and get scared but because both of you are so in love you can’t stop looking at each other. The future is unknown but that is okay to you both because you have them. So you take the step forward, beyond your separate paths that lead you both to the cliff. Instead of falling, the clouds come together to make a new path big enough for the both of you. You both are not falling down because your love for one another keeps you up. Your journey together is now one and this bond between you both is something special, an irreplaceable feeling such as birth, but you won’t forget this. This is the start of your new journey.” -Hunter Heymann

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We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have each other through the good times and the bad. Again, we thank you all for the outpouring of love and support. Remember, true love is out there; young and old. We are so overwhelmed with excitement! Our hearts are full. I love my best friend, my partner, my love, the one who makes me a better person, the one who instills in my a drive that anything is possible, the person who can mend any of my heart breaks, the one who turns every trail into a triumph. I love you Hunter Heymann. I could never thank you enough for being my person and allowing us to live our very own fairy tale. I just wanted you and the whole wide world to know how much I love you.

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