Kirsten and Dustin

How we met: The story of Dustin and I starts with an unexpected and somewhat awkward kiss at a company Halloween party. Prior to this kiss we’d only known each other as “Dustin who worked in the Geek Squad” and “Kirsten who worked in Appliances“.

The next day at work, he apologized for being so forward and from then, our friendship began. I moved departments that November and we worked together nearly everyday, selling and fixing computers. We’d both casually dated other people in the months that followed, but we gravitated towards each other at every social event we attended. Then, in July of 2006 I stopped by the store on my day off to buy a birthday gift for my brother. I was standing in one of the CD aisles, and out of the corner of my eye saw a blur of black and white walk by quickly, and then back up slowly to take a second look. When Dustin realized I’d caught him in a double-take, he quickly walked over and made small talk with me. He told me to meet him back at the computer department when I was done shopping, so I did. When I walked up, he was checking my schedule for the week and said, “You don’t work on Thursday… Do you want to meet me at Starbucks for a coffee?” I met him at Starbucks that week and we have been inseparable ever since. We will be married in July 2012, almost exactly 6 years after our first coffee. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my love. He is my person.

how they asked: After two years of dating, I knew that Dustin was the one and I knew that he felt the same way about me. Little did I know, however, on the night of Thanksgiving 2008 he’d ask me to be his “one and only” down on one knee. He arranged the proposal so that our families were both in attendance and asked his family to help with the details.

When it was time for dinner, I walked into the dining room and found two tables; One that was decorated for Thanksgiving dinner… and one that oddly resembled a table that you might see at a wedding reception. It was gorgeous.

There was a huge vase of Pink roses and a white Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage in the center of the table. There were candles everywhere and I was told to sit directly in front of the carriage. Now by this time, one might think that I would have guessed what was happening, but I was the only one in the room who was clueless. We started to eat and everyone was commenting on how beautiful the décor was, when Dustin turned to me and handed me a tiny pink card. The card read, “Cinderella rode to Prince Charming in her carriage. Our future is in your carriage”.

I reached my hand into the carriage window and pulled out the rose that was hiding the ring box. I was so nervous I couldn’t unwrap the box, so Dustin took it and unwrapped it for me. Everyone was crying. He knelt to one knee and opened the box. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The ring was so beautiful and the love of my life was asking me to marry him.

I stared in disbelief, and he asked, “Is that a yes?” I said yes a million times, we kissed, we hugged, and we’ve been engaged now for 3 years.

Photography by Los Angeles Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Love Janet.