Kirsten and David

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How We Met

My fiancé and I met at the Starbucks in our town. I had just moved 2500 miles across the country to school and went to grab a latte. I went through the drive-thru and his accent immediately caught my attention. Moving from Northern California to Louisiana, southern accents were so fascinating to me. I got to the window and he was as sexy as his voice sounded. We talked a little as my drink was being made and magically when I got my drink, his number was written on the cup with a note that said, “Call me.”

how they asked

Our first date, two and a half years ago was at a park on the bayou. Being new to town I had never been to the park before and was fascinated that you could see alligators swimming in the water. He brought coffee for each of us and we walked around the park for hours, talking and getting to know each other. Right next to the park was a restaurant in an old train depot, and I mentioned how neat it would be to eat there. The night he proposed, we went to dinner at that restaurant for the first time and a couple of friends joined us. I thought nothing of it other than it was a nice place for dinner, and I suggested we go to the park afterward and walk around like we had years ago, which I now know was part of his plan all along. We finished up dinner and walked over to the park. We walked with our friends and pointed out where we sat and joked about how windy and unusually cold it was ok the night of our first date. We walked over towards the gazebo and my friend suggested she and her husband take a picture, again nothing unusual. After I took their pictures, she said we should take some too. We set up for our first picture and a huge gust of wind blew, blowing my hair across my face. My now fiancée suggested we take another and as we got back into our spots he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After catching my breath and a quick tear, I said yes!

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