Kirsten and Daniel

How We Met

A doctor and engineer walked in to a bar.. it sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s how we met. We had a mutual friend that thought we should meet. He asked for my number, swooned me with the best first date, and here we are.

how they asked

On my birthday, Daniel and I went to a Greek restaurant in Chicago where I opened up the best present of my life. A 20-page itinerary for a completely planned and booked trip to Greece! Little did I know, that was just the beginning of a perfectly orchestrated fairytale proposal. We were about to start a daunting four years of long distance as I moved to Philadelphia for medical residency. Getting engaged was the last thing on my mind or his – so I thought.

After a beautiful 4 days in Mykonos filled with it’s own sweet surprises, we headed to Santorini. Daniel had coordinated everything to a T, from sea port driver pick-up, to rooms with beautiful balcony views, sailing trips, winery tours, to dinner reservations with the best sunsets. As the person in our relationship that usually plans, it felt so special to kick back and let this wonderful trip unfold around me.

Proposal Ideas Santorini, Greece

On the last Saturday of our trip I knew he had a special dinner planned. I had no idea how special it would actually be. He was ordering a car to drive us to the ‘restaurant’ when I insisted on taking the ATV we rented. Why not right? Myself in a dress and Daniel in a suit coat with a ring tucked secretly inside, flying along the cliff roads of Santorini on a 300cc four-wheeler will always be a special memory. When we arrived at the destination, he started to frantically look for the correct entrance and was a bit anxious that we were a tad late. I didn’t understand at all, we are always late for reservations…it’s not a big deal. The little details all make sense retrospectively. The ‘restaurant’ ended up being the renowned Canaves Oia Resort. I even had heard of it and couldn’t even believe that’s where we were going! We were greeted by reception and escorted into an elevator. THEN, he turns to me with a blindfold and tells me I’m not allowed to peek. We proceeded three stories down in to the cliff and walked through deep tunnels until I felt daylight again. He told me to take off the blindfold and we were surrounded by the most breath taking view -most likely – in the entire world. The balcony was the furthest point off the face of the cliff and it felt like we were floating.

I was just taking in the private dinner table and stunning view when he grabbed my hands and turned towards me. Heart thud. He started saying the most touching words about us, our past and future. Thud..thud..thud. It’s really and incredible feeling, you dream and fantasize about what it will be like and the moment really took me. He got down on one knee, and asked if I’d marry him. I’m not entirely sure if I said yes because I was now in shock from seeing the engagement ring of my dreams. Then we were hugging so tight, my answer definitely implied.

Kirsten and Daniel's Engagement in Santorini, Greece

At this point I didn’t know what else Danny was capable of. Who does this for someone? A photographer suddenly appeared telling me she captured the whole thing, there was champagne, there a delicious cake, there were beautiful flowers he chose himself. It was truly a dream on a cloud in Greece with the sea and a perfectly timed sunset as the backdrop.

Then after my heart rate normalized, we had a 5-course, wine-paired dinner that was so delicious and beautiful that we spent 4 more hours on that balcony. Afterwards, of course, we piled back on to our ATV and drove on those windy cliff roads- bouquet in hand, and ring on finger.

The evening and entire trip was flawless. And now I’m the future Mrs.. actually Dr. McCarthy.